Politics: Standing Strong and Upholding Your Values in Troubling Times

Today I am discussing the importance of standing strong to you values, morals and belief system during times of trouble, struggle and strife.  Unfortunately, we are living in a time of moral, political, faith based and other belief systems that have led to a division among friends, family and co-workers.  I have friends that have different values in all of these areas and still remain friends with them despite the differences of opinion.  We all grow up in different households, build different values and form our own opinions about faith, politics, life and all those other things we see and hear daily.  I have had some very interesting conversations lately with friends over the phone, online and other ways and it amazes me how some people think, have formed an opinion and just are dead set on that being the only way.

I have been told I am hard headed at times and I definitely have a certain opinion about things.  If you read my blog or follow me you may have figured out by now that I am all about faith, family, and friends.  I value those three things more importantly than anything else and those are the foundation which I have built my life upon.  I have began to back off the internet and posting my opinions on sites or forums because it seems like someone always is trying to tell you how to think, act, or believe. We suddenly live in a world where if you disagree with someone then you are wrong, bad, evil, a hypocrite, racist or all the other terms people now use to attack someone with a different opinion from their own.

I formed my value system and belief system from growing up, becoming an adult and living life which taught me what was important to me, my family and how I want to impact the community and live life. I am writing all this to say we as induvial must stand firm in our set of values, beliefs, faith and press forward against the opposition and backlash it may bring.  Take a stand for what you believe, stand firm in it and never ever let someone sway you against those values just to fit in or agree to make head way in life.  The moment we default on our own values and faith is the moment we give into the strife and become part of the problem.  

1- Determine your values and stand strong for them.  

– What is your core set of values

– What drives you daily in lives mission

– Will you stand form for how you think, what you value and accept different thought as opinion (that is all it is).

2- Refrain from telling others how they should think, belief, worship or if you agree or disagree with them.  

– It is your set of values and not theirs

– You cannot change people that do not want to change

– Respect the fact that we are all induvial and will think, act and behave differently

3- Say what you mean and mean what you say. 

– Do not fold, give in or change your values to fit in with groups, people, friends or organizations

– Be open, honest and frank in how you feel.  If people see you are passionate about it they will respect it regardless of agreement

– Stand your ground, hold strong and focus on “you”

4- Be willing to listen to others.

– Listening to them will not kill you

– It may give you an idea of what drives their thought process

– It is a good life skill that we all need in relationships

5- Standing firm shows integrity, discipline, courage, honor, self confidence and many other great traits people want to see in you.

I enjoy a good debate, reading and hearing other peoples opinions, values and what drives them.  But I refuse to give into things I disagree with whole heartedly that will shake my faith, family and friends foundation.  We all make small changes to how we live, think and act as we mature in life.  Bit stand strong, stand firm and never ever let someone else tell you how to think, act or behave. Its your life and you are the one that owns the consequences food or bad for your thoughts, values, actions and behaviors so live it, love it and learn from it.

God Bless!  


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