Career: Professional Growth and Career Direction

Creating awareness of your current professional career growth and direction begins with knowing your own routines, habits and results.  We go to work and before you know it the day has come and gone with the results we may not have desired or planned for once the morning started.  There is only a set amount of time in a work day that we can devote to getting work done, doing our jobs and getting the results that both we and the company desire.  Finding ways to become more productive both at work and in your personal life will benefit you and make you more productive at both.  Thinking back to some of the things you have learned through the years from parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, leaders and friends that you once did is a good way to see where you currently stand.  

Have you changed, backed off of how you used to be, are you as driven, have your priorities aligned differently now from where they once were.  These things can get in the way and many times it is a new habit we have formed or an old habit we got away from.  Getting into somewhat of a routine can help you balance work and home, but staying at the top of your game, whatever that is and how it applies to your life is not always easy.  Below are some simple techniques or changes you can make, realign to or begin to practice to get you back on top of your A game and add balance to your work and home life while allowing maximum productivity. These will help you grow in both areas as a professional and at home as a person.

1- Form habits and routines that are productive for you and those around you.  If things are getting in the way, make some minor changes and move back into a more productive mindset.

2- Time Management and Focus. Are you losing valuable time at work and home with things that are just a distraction.  Can you better manage your time, energy and focus to get better results.  

3- Team, Family and Co-worker Buy-in.  Do you have complete buy-in from those that are your biggest supporters.  Are they onboard with your goals, dreams, aspirations and work ethic.  Are you onboard with theirs?  Find a way to support them and get that in return and you can become more productive in the process.

4- Be Proactive and less reactive.  Are you seeing the big picture, what things are getting in the way of your best productivity at work and home.  Have you went from proactive about things to just reacting and fixing them when they arise.  Allowing known obstacles to rise up on a daily or weekly basis will limit your time to be the best you can.  Stay on top of those things and get out ahead of problems when you see them coming.

5- Manage conflicts with communication and strong social skills.  Conflicts arise constantly for some people, its like they are a magnet for it.  Manage conflict, resolve it and communicate your needs and care for the needs of others to avoid the setback of time off work and home tasks to fix things for yourself and everyone else.  

6- Accountability for work, life and play.  Be accountable and hold those around you at the same standard.  You can manage your life better by working on accountability and avoiding setbacks.  Be the one that steps up when you are wrong, learn from mistakes and move on.  This is a growth process and a required professional tool you must have in your box.  

Work hard, work smart, set goals for work, family life and play and be productive when you need to and just chill when you can!


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