God Given Gifts and Talents

God Given Gifts and Talents

The bible tells us that God awards gifts to everybody.  We are born with these talents. These gifts vary and are expandable by our actions and discipline to use them for his glory.  We can grow these talents and must appreciate them.  It takes courage and patience to multiply gifts and use them for God.  God’s plan for you has a beginning and ending and he seeks you out to expand and grow these gifts and talents.  Your gift may be intellectual, physical, spiritual or a mix of all.  What gift did God give you, what talents do you have and are you using them to spread his word, love and light to the world?

To use these gifts we have to identify them and make them a priority for the good of all; otherwise we are wasting God given talent.  As a career coach in football and wrestling, I have seen my fair share of wasted gifts/talents in student athletes.  I have had gifted athletes that could play any sport and be great at all of them.  However, those athletes fell short of using that talent due to a lack of goals, work ethic and planning.  I saw the talent, teachers saw the talent, but they themselves did not.  I have had others that were probably lucky to be on the team at the beginning of a season end up some of the most talented players/wrestlers I ever coached.

The difference was how they applied those gifts and talents.  They set goals, worked hard and utilized what they had.  To expand these gifts/talents we must seek God’s grace and guidance.  We must pray for help with our gifts and be patient with that.  As I previously stated, the bible tells us that the beginning and end is predetermined by God. We are born with gifts we do not know we had.  I use myself as an example, in my mid 50’s I have suddenly realized a talent I have that was in me the entire time.  Thing was, I was seeking my path more than I was his.

Now, an awakening of sorts has occurred and suddenly I can do things I never knew I could.  It all is a gift of God, just like his only son Jesus was.  Know that God will watch over you, protect you and give guidance.  We must want to glorify God with what he has awarded us.  Make the world a better place by taking your gifts and using them to help others.

Dear God, we know you have a plan for all of us, we know you seek us out from our beginning and are with us until we take our last breath.  Help us to seek your  guidance through prayer and be obedient in the use of these gifts. Amen

God Bless! KB


Reading: 1st Corinthians 12:4, Jeremiah 29:11


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