Spirit Chronicles: The Elevator to Hell

I have a crew of demons that have been assigned to me to try and make me turn from God. As I have begun to transform and become closer to God everyday they have on occasion came at me trying to tempt me into their bidding and to use my ability and gift for bad. God gave me a gift and I fully intend to use it for his glory and to help people, not hurt them or destroy lives. Last night his four henchmen showed up in my dream again trying to mess with me. They taunt me, tease me and laugh at me. They know I am of the light and a light warrior for God and it pisses them off. They know who is in charge and that they will never see Gods glory as they have chosen a life of sinfulness and destruction that lead them to be demonic entities.

The leader is about 5’10 and 240 pounds. He appears to be about mid 40’s and dresses in a gray suit with a vest. He is a heavy smoker and a real smart ass. His two henchman are about mid 30’s and wear all black suits with black shirts and black glasses. Sounds like men in black, but these guys are mean and nasty. The last one is the muscle, he is the scariest one standing over 7 feet tall and weighing in excess of 500 pounds. He never talks, but looks mean as hell and uses his body to block me from trying to see good light when dealing with them. He has also appeared as a coach in a dream, a security guard and as a genie type character. He is big and mean and the muscle of this demonic crew.

I saw people walking towards a freight elevator like you would see in an old building back in the day. One by one they entered the elevator. The doors would open, the two guys in black would lead them in and the leader would just stand there and eat and smoke and laugh. The big guy was on constant watch trying to make sure the people did as they were told. I knew who they were and that they were bad so I backed away and tried to tell some of the people to not go to the elevator. The cop like guy looked at me and blew smoke out and told me he would get me at some point. He pointed at me and said, the “only way to become what you want is to meet the master”. He is obviously referring to meeting the Devil.

Those poor souls were stepping into the elevator and it only went down. It was dark, lonely and isolated and they had fallen for this line he was given. I have no intention of ever meeting the Devil much less working with or for him. I told them to stay away from me in the name of God and that made them even madder. Demons will laugh at you, make fun of you and tease you. When you name God as your primary defense and call on him the get very mad and will go away. God has control over all Demons and the closer you get to God the farther they will distance themselves from you. The further you stray from God the more they will come at you trying to break you and make you a lost soul. I sent them away and as they left they laughed and moved on. I backed away and woke up.

The world is full of evil and good. It is in a constant battle for souls and people. The spiritual realm is there and not for the weak to mess with. It takes all a light warrior has to fight these things off and dispatch them back to where they came from. I pray that God lift me up, protect me and keep me safe and secure. I am a light warrior, a dreamer, a visionary and it is all for God because he has a plan for my life and wants me to help others. Keep your eyes on God, keep your heart on good and fight evil or it will take your soul.

James 4:7; Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Ephesians 6:11; Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.


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