Spirit Chronicles: Book of Life and the Cross

I had a dream where I saw a man and this man was familiar to me. I have seen him many times in my dreams and visions the last five months. He is an older spirit that is very strong and good. He is ancient and dates back way beyond anything I can imagine. He stepped at me slowly and just looked at me and smiled. Then he stepped back and was gone. Just before seeing him I heard a negative voice say “your not worthy” to me. This is part of the battle between good and evil that is taking place in the spirit realm. I have been changed and as I transform the devil will mess with me trying to get in the way of God’s plan for my life and eternal life.

I paid the voice no mind and told it to get away from me because I know I am worthy and that God walks with me daily taking care of me. After the voice told me that the old man showed up and smiled at me. He soothed me and made me feel protected as soon as I saw him. I then saw a very old tattered and torn book. This book was ancient and had hundreds of thousands of pages in it. It was probably two feet tall minimum and about a foot wide. In this book were pages with names in languages that I did not recognize or could read. But I knew what it said and recognized one of the names as John.

The page was written in what appeared to be ancient text with mostly symbols and I saw the name John and 23 AD. The next page was a different language and had a name I could not read or recognize and was from a very old time. This continued to happen page by page as the book pages moved one by one at a fast rate. The languages changed and I noticed some dates like 23 AD, 1451, 1670, 1803 and 1980. The names and script were going so fast by then that all I caught was a quick glimpse of the pages going by.

I knew the book was written by representatives of God and was a written testament to the people that had went to heaven over the thousands of years since Jesus was crucified on the cross. The languages represented all parts of the world, races, religions and backgrounds. I felt like my name was in the book at the very end and I was looking for my name of one of someone I may know. Then the book vanished and I saw myself standing there beside a beautiful park where there were three trees. They were identical to one another and about 50 feet tall.

Just below the trees was a small stream that ran with wonderful flowing water for such a small stream. I then saw a cross about three feet tall made of a shiny material like ivory and a round headstone beside it made of precious metal. I did not see a name on the stone and as I walked closer to it the scenario changed and I found myself looking at beautiful clouds and the sky. It was like heaven right there and I am not sure if the stone was representative of me or if it was a reminder that God takes care of his chosen ones and those that chose him.

I woke up and wrote this all down and began to pray and thank God for his messages, dreams and visions. The night before I was shown 180 and understand the significance of that from God and Angels. If you want to see that check my blog or listen to it live on my anchor podcast. I have read the Bible about it and did some research and the cross and stone represent stability of Jesus and his gift on the cross and how safe we are in life or death as long as we know him. The three trees represent the crosses and the holy trinity of Christ.

The 180 is a cross roads of life where you decide to fully dive into being of the light and doing Gods work. The cross backs that up and tells you that God in spirit is ready for me to grow, expand and prepare to do his bidding and work. God gave me a gift and I plan to use that gift to help people and lost souls find him.


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