Spirit Chronicles: Old Brick House and the Man in the Window

I dreamed I was riding down the road looking for a place to stay and suddenly I was in front of my Nanny’s old house once again. I have recurring dreams about this old house that I spent lots of time in growing up and actually lived there for three years in my early twenties. That old house had some odd experiences in it when I was a child and those continued when I lived there for three years later on. It seems as if that house was alive in a sense spiritually. There was lots of spiritual activity in that old brick house on Kennedy Avenue. So to dream once again about being at the old house was no surprise. I seem to find my way back to it like I am drawn to it.

I was driving an old jeep like a 1987 CJ off roader around town and in the passenger seat was a young person maybe in their teens that I did not know but felt like I did from the past. I did not recognize him and he didn’t talk to me. He just sat there and smiled at me and rode along with me. We were coming up to a main intersection and I saw this huge mud pit where there were hundreds of Jeeps parked watching and some playing in the mud slinging it everywhere. I looked over and said that would be fun and the young boy just smiled and nodded his head. I drove into the driveway and suddenly I was transported back over to the old brick house.

I needed a place to stay but did not want to stay there. I was not afraid but that house just has history to me that I do not want to go and stay. The young boy pointed to the house and the door was open. He was telling me to go inside. I felt like I should but did not want to once again as I do not care for that old house and its history. I looked over and he pointed to the door and when I looked up the door started to close. Then it slammed shut really hard so I drove off thinking someone was inside. That neighborhood has a wrap around road where you drive past the house and go around a curve over a small bridge and back around.

I wrapped around and drove back by to see what was going on. The door was open, no cars were in the driveway and all seemed to be OK. The young boy pointed to the house again so I felt like I had to go inside and face whatever was holding me back in that house. As I pulled into the driveway the door slowly began to shut again. Then it slammed real hard and that startled me so I backed out of the driveway in the old jeep and as I did the road became full of muddy holes deep and hard to drive through.

I floored it with the intention of leaving and never going back and as I drove away slinging mud everywhere I looked up and the door opened and an old man was peaking out the window at us. He briefly pulled the curtain back, looked at us with glowing eyes and then released the curtain and was gone. I am not sure who that old man is, but many years ago something or someone tried to suffocate my grandfather in that same house during his sleep. I sense that the man in the window was the person that haunts that old brick house. He was the entity that tried to choke my grandpa and is the entity standing in the window.

I have no plans to go back to that old house anytime soon or in the future. The old brick house on Kennedy Avenue holds a place in my childhood and adult memories but it is not a place I want to think about or visit ever again. It is a portal to the spirit realm and too much activity has taken place there over the years. The young spirit guide wanted me to go in and face that demon but the old man did not want me in there so for now I will leave it at that and at some point I know in my heart and gut I will have to face it and send it back to where it came from. With God’s help I will do that someday.


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