Married 28 Years and Counting

Today my wife and I celebrated twenty eight years of marriage together. We met back in 1992 and got married in 1993. June 5, 1993 we became one, exchanged rings and began our journey as two merged as one. My wife is my ride or die. My wife is my boo. My wife is my best friend. My wife is my accomplice in life. My wife is my inspiration. My wife is my why! It has not always been easy to make it that long and we had many bumps in the road along the way. We have seen our fair share of health issues, financial issues, job loss, job gain, good income, bad income, poor times, rich times, fun times and tough times. Below I am creating a list of exactly what it took for us to make it the full 28 with prayerfully 28 more.

A healthy marriage involves the following principals to be strong, survive and thrive:

1- Marriage is a union of two souls.

2- Marriage requires giving and serving of your spouse.

3- Marriage requires a solid foundation of faith.

4- Marriage requires sound financial management of what God has provided.

5- Marriage requires spouses that are supportive and pray for one another.

6- Marriage requires dedication, discipline and determination.

7- Marriage is not to be taken lightly. It is to be seriously at all times.

8- Marriage is ride or die. No quitting allowed regardless of how hard it gets.

9- Marriage is for life and your spouse is your one and only. You never seek out, look for or consider other sexual activity outside the marriage.

10- Marriage requires God’s grace, guidance, mercy and will. Seek him and your marriage will be blessed. A great marriage is built on the foundations of rock that creates success and not on sand that will wash away with high waters.


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