Spirit Chronicles: The Flood and the Zombie Lady

I dreamed I was at a large gathering and was surrounded by people of all nations, religions, creeds and backgrounds. There were Asians, Indians, Middle Eastern, Central Americans, Americans, Islanders, and all other nations from the corners of the world were represented. We got into a large circle and began to praise God, worship him and celebrate. As we were engaging in this tremendous celebration the water started to suddenly rise. There was no river, rain, or ocean in the area. We were all in a flat plain type environment where all you could see for miles was plains and beautiful grass waving in the distance.

As the celebration continued the water kept rising and I became concerned because the children were not tall enough to stand up and keep their heads above the water. One by one all of the people around me including the children started to disappear into the rising water. I pleaded with the parents to save their kids, to swim for their lives and fight the rising water until help showed up. I soon realized that they were not listening or could not hear me and continued to be washed under the water into this giant lake that suddenly appeared out of no where and became over six feet deep.

I was floating myself trying to survive, but my biggest concern was the kids. The water was dark blue and I tried to dive down and see anyone needing help. I could see myself diving as If I was watching from above. One by one the thousands of people began to sink and be gone. I tried to save them but no-one was there once they went under. Then a tall slim very attractive lady walked near the outside of the giant lake and she caught my eye instantly. Her beauty was graceful and deceiving.

Suddenly as fast as the water had shown up it dried away and was gone. I looked around and I was alone standing there in knee deep mud looking for anyone to help. The beautiful lady was sitting at a table and she looked at me and her face was really pretty and her teeth were made of porcelain. She smiled at me and said something in a language I did not understand, but It felt like she had said something bad or satanic. Then she grinned and her beautiful teeth of porcelain busted into pieces revealing her true looks.

She was horrible looking and right before the dream ended she looked at me, picked up a small head partially rotten from a child that had been in the water and she bit down on it. She smiled, laughed and was gone. The lady represented all that is deceptively beautiful about our world. But in reality, she was the epitome of sin and how it destroys our lives. I then saw the sign 21 which is an Angel number that symbolizes a higher transformation of the soul, mind and body. The lady I saw is the deception of the devil that destroys families and lives. The flood was the cleansing of those people that did not know Jesus.

I woke up and wrote down this vision and began to investigate it, pray about it and digest the information. It was one of the most graphic dreams I have ever seen and was scary but during the flood I knew I was OK, but the others were not. I saw the lady for who she was and that was deception, anger, resentment and many other things the Bible tells us will destroy us piece by piece. Avoid the pretty lady and turn your eyes to God. Seek his refuge in the flood and do it before the rising tide rushes in and sweeps you away to be eaten by the zombie lady.


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