Spirit Chronicles: Graveyards of 601

Recently my wife and I had to travel to another small town to buy some wedding stuff for our daughters wedding. To get to this small town we had to travel down this long windy country road with about five to six churches on that road during the 15 mile drive. As we began to pass the first graveyard I instantly sensed a very strong spirit that felt warm and inviting. I pushed it away from me and continued to drive without telling my wife what I had felt. A mile or so down the road we passed another small church on the left side of the road and once again I was overcome with emotion and anxiety.

This one felt different and was coming from more than one soul in the graveyard. There were multiple spirits trying to come at me so I pushed them off by concentrating on clearing my mind and body and drove on past. A short ways down the road the feeling went away. We drove a few more miles and on my right was a pretty large graveyard and something in there was very strong and angry. It hit me hard right in the chest and throat to let me know it was coming to me. When I sense bad spirit it hits me in the chest and stomach area and feels like someone is pressing (sitting) on my chest or like they are punching me in the stomach.

I tried to block this one but it was strong and kept coming. It made me sick to my stomach and obstructed my breathing so I slowed the car down to catch my breath and not wreck the car. I was really feeling the pressure in my chest and throat area. I drove on past the church and graveyard but this spirit tried to attach to me and continued to pursue me. It knew that I could feel it and it had caused stress, anxiety and some fear. I was new to the whole transformation thing and how to deal with spirit.

I tried to talk to it, think thoughts to it and focused to get it to go away. A few miles later it finally let go and seemed to be gone. We drove down to that small town and bought the stuff we needed and headed back. I was dreading that drive because I knew that church graveyard on 601 had a mean spirit waiting on me or the next person like me to come back by. As we approached the church I sped up to get past as fast as I could and before I could even get to the church property here it came. It was on full blast and was coming at me harder than the first time.

I had prepared myself and said a prayer to God and my guardians for protection and that helped. As it hit me I began to block it mentally from pushing on my chest. So it went for other areas of the body where spirit knows it can come at or into you. I told it to stay away and go back to where it came from and commanded it in Gods name to go away. This made it mad so it went after my neck nerve ending on the right side of my head. This is an area where a good bit of nerve traffic comes from your brain and goes down and across your body on the left side.

As it hit me I felt instant numbness in my neck, upper back and hand on the right side. It felt like I was having a stroke or something so I sped up and prayed for it to go away. Suddenly I felt a warmness around me and the tip top of my head began to tingle which triggers me to know that friendly spirit is around me. This feeling was an instant message that my angels and guardians were on deck and backing me up. I drove away and the mean spirit continued to come at me moving to my stomach, then crotch, then knee then bottom of my feet.

It was determined to get into me and to me. It was determined to hurt me because It wanted me to feel the frustration, anger and resentment it had about life and the death it had faced. With focus, some pain and an instant headache (spirit will give you a headache) if it hits you hard on your third eye chakra hard enough trying to communicate with you. It eventually drove away and we came home. I was tired emotionally and physically from the episode so I went to lay down. I prayed before coming into the house and told the spirit it could not come into the house. I commanded it to be gone and stay away from me.

I felt it outside the window and it was pushing hard at me. I called a friend who is gifted for advice and the spirit tried to go through the phone and come at her. She asked me as soon as she said hello, “what in the world is behind you outside”. Then she said that thing is mean and very strong how did you beat it. I told her I focused on blocking it and told it to go away. We talked about how to send it away and clear the spirit from near me. I went to bed with a prayer, holding my Bible and reading versus of praise, encouragement and hope.

I told all spirit not to come into my sleep, my dreams, my sub-conscience or at my family while I was asleep. It stayed outside my window all night and on occasion would make noise, block the light outside or push hard at me to let me know it was there. The next day I had had enough so I went outside, talked to it and told it to leave now. I read Bible verses and carried my cross. It pushed away and I never felt it again. To this day I do not like to travel past the graveyards of 601 because that spirit was so big, bad and nasty.

Now that I am stronger and can block them off of me I am more confident and will eventually go back by there just to see how good I can handle it. It is a bad spirit with anger so it is not to be taken lightly. To imagine a church graveyard would have such mean spirits is hard to believe. I assure you the churches of 601 has some strong spirits, some nice, some soft, some mean and soft just plain nasty. If you are gifted do not go past the churches and graveyards of 601.


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