Spirit Chronicles: The Dead Man and the Kid

When my dad was just a young boy back in the 1940’s he lived in a house where a man had passed away upstairs and was not found until weeks later. At night my dad would lie in bed and hear what sounded like someone walking around up and down the stairway of the house. Being a small boy around 7-8 years old he was always freaked out and did not like sleeping upstairs by himself. Every night he would hear the dead man walking, the floors creaking and feel scared. I can only imagine how hard that must have been for him being so young.

He got used to the noise and the dead man walking and then one stormy night things changed for the worse. He was lying in bed and the footsteps stopped outside his door. Instead of going up and down the steps and in the hallway the steps stopped. He knew the dead man was outside his door so he called out to his parents and they didn’t hear him. He was scared to death so he covered up his head like most kids would do and tried to hide from the dead man.

Then the steps came into his room and walked around his room, his bed and went back out into the hallway. Down the steps and back and forth for many nights. This dead man never harmed my dad, but it scared him a lot as a youth until they moved from that old house the dead man lived in. Another family moved into the old house and the dead man continued to walk the halls at night, up and down and all around the rooms leaving people scared and chilled to the bone.

Finally, many years later and after several families had lived there the property owner sealed off the stairs to the upstairs bedroom to keep the old dead man from walking the steps. To this day that old house still stands and rumor is the steps are still sealed but people can still hear the dead man walking upstairs. Back and forth, back and forth, up and down the hallway and into that old bedroom. The dead old man walking the hallways re-living his life one step, one haunting and one night at a time. Creak, Creak, Step, Step, wandering aimlessly in the spiritual realm almost 100 years later after dying in that old house.


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