Spirit Chronicles: Three Knocks Ghost of Old Town Road

One night I got up to use the bathroom about 12:01am on a Saturday night. I went into the hallway to use the bathroom and my little dog followed me as he goes everywhere I go because he is my best bud. I was using the bathroom and about ten feet down the hallway is the entry door to the mud room and I hear “knock, knock, knock”. It was an obvious knock because the little dog began to bark loudly at the door. He ran down the hallway and charged the door barking in a protective mode. It startled me me because it was after midnight on a Saturday and we live about a half mile off the main road on a dead end street. I called for my wife to see if she heard it.

My wife was half asleep so I left the bathroom and went to the camera system we have to look and see if someone was in the driveway or at the door. The door was locked and dead bolted so I was not worried about them coming in the door and I had protection in case it was an intruder. I quickly checked the cameras and all doors and windows in the area. I did not see anyone outside, no cars, trucks or people outside to have knocked on the door. I went out the side door around back, cut all the lights on which light up the entire yard within 150 feet of the house and could not find anyone.

While I was outside I sensed something but could not see it or hear it. It seemed to be stalking me and hiding behind a tree or in the shadows. So I went back in, locked up and decided to leave the lights on overnight. At 1:13am I was back in bed and fell asleep and as I was about to get into deep sleep when I heard three knocks “knock, knock, knock” on the window right beside my bed. My wife, myself and the dog all heard these knocks and we alerted. The little dog once again began to bark at the window and ran out into the hallway to bark at the door.

It was obvious something or someone was outside and wanted in the house. It wanted my attention and was knocking on the door wanting in. Spirit cannot come into your home uninvited if you know if is there and tell it to stay out or stay away. I then felt a strong push at me from this spirit trying to get me to talk to it and let it in. It was a bad spirit because it made my stomach hurt and put intense pressure on my upper chest area. That signals me that I am dealing with evil, malevolent or dangerous spirits. This one had found its way to the house likely on power lines.

Our property is a highway for spirit as it travels on power lines because spirit needs energy to move and transport itself from place to place. We have five large power lines on the property that are part of the main energy grid in the town we live near so we have a supernatural highway right there on the property. Combine that with the fact that our land is full of ancient Indian spirits due to it being inhabited by the Catawba Indians that pre date Jesus Christ coming to the world. Add in the ability I have to see, feel and hear supernatural things and that created the perfect opportunity for the three knocks ghost of Old Town Road.

I told it to go away, be gone and read some Bible verses to it. I told it that it could not enter the house, be on the property or come to me in my sleep. The knocks continued from time to time for a week or so but the spirit never attacked, hurt or bothered anyone after that. The three knock ghost is now gone and we await the next one that jumps off onto our land from the supernatural power lines on our road.


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