Spirit Chronicles: The Lady at the Well

We have an old well on our property in the front yard. I have a solar powered light attached to the roof of the well to light up that part of the yard when we are out there at night with the dogs. Our yard is very dark and you can barely see at night more than 50 feet off the front porch. I installed the light a few months ago and it has been working good when we are out there with the dogs at night. It is motion triggered so something has to pass by it to make it cut on. A couple of weeks ago I was outside around 9:00pm and it was good and dark around the well.

I sensed there was something out there near the well and I have heard a lady talk to me near the well prior to this night. This lady has also spoken to my wife and daughter on more than one occasion. I was out there with the dogs just standing on the porch watching out for them. We have a large pack of coyotes in the area and near our property so we have to keep an eye out of our little doggy when he goes to pee at night. A coyote can take a small animal really fast so we keep watch at night.

A few minutes into feeling someone come near me spiritually I was joking around and told the lady to show me she was in the area by cutting the light on and off. To my surprise the light popped on and there was nothing in the area to trigger it. It stays on about 20 seconds and cuts back off. So I thought it was probably the wind blowing so once again I asked the lady to set the light off. Bam, once again the light came on instantly. At this point I am still thinking it may be the wind, a bird I cannot see, maybe even a spider crawling near it.

I call into the house and tell my wife and daughter to come outside and see this light going on and off. They come out and I asked the lady to set it off and wham, the light pops on. I did this on and off routine about twenty times that night. A few nights later I had not seen any activity so I walked out into the yard to grab some pictures in the dark. I can usually take pictures and will see light balls and orbs flying around my head at night out in the dark. As mentioned in a previous posting our yard is full of large power poles which spirit use to travel on and manifest energy from.

I was walking back in the house and turned and said, hey lady please turn the light on to let me know you are here. Well without a second passing the light came on and went back off. I tried it one more time and she cut it on and off. This is an unusual pattern that spirit can move and make that light go on and off. We have had dealings with the lady of the well already on other occasions. She lived and died on this property in the early 1900’s. Her name is Margaret and she likes to mess with us.

She is harmless and is hanging around the yard. Her base location is that old well in the front yard. I still go out from time to time and see if I can get her to talk or set the light off. It requires a lot of energy for her to do that and on occasion the Lady at the well comes through showing us all how the spirit continues to live on long after the body gives out. I look forward to many more adventures with Margaret the well lady and her contact with the family.


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