Spirit Chronicles: Lost City-Saved City

Last night I dreamed I was trapped in a big city with huge skyscrapers taller than anything in New York or Hong Kong. These buildings literally reached into the sky and were divided by a raging river. On one side of the river the buildings were nicely kept, colorful and looked like a place you would want to live. On the other side were broken windows, bricked missing and structural issues that would make it unsafe to live in. The side with the older broken buildings was also like a slum with people wandering around aimlessly looking for food, shelter and water. A gang of demonic men ran this side of the river and used intimidation, weapons, martial law and brutality to rule the streets and high rises. On the nice side the people were busy about their day working, walking in the park and living a happy life.

I saw people being attacked by the demonic gang as they tried to climb over the wall to the river and attempt to cross it. Most of them perished in the attempt being washed down river never to be seen again. Others were caught by the gang members and took back to an ally never to be seen again. The people lived in fear of their lives and were desperate. They had been part of a brain washing that occurred in the social media, big government and powerful companies intent on control of the human population. The other side were people that had stood their ground, fought against the big media and companies to show them that the world is a much better place to live than what is being portrayed and fed to people daily.

There was a point in the river where the good side of town and bad side of town met and a very small pier that shook constantly was the best way to make it across the river. People from both sides were trying to work together to get everyone across to the nice side. The gangs were trying to stop them from leaving because they didn’t want the people to get across and see the light and beauty of living the good life. Light warriors (Angels) from the good side were actively working to get anyone across that wanted to come over. The problem was the river raged so fast at the small pier that even the light warriors perished at times to make sure the desperate were saved getting across.

Then a huge light came across the city on both sides and it made even the darkest places on the bad side look bright and nice. It was warmth that the dark side had not seen and gave hope to those trying to leave the desperate side. A strong warm wind suddenly blew and it calmed the raging river enough to allow many people to start swimming, wading and coming across. The light warriors attacked the demonic gang in force and pushed them back into the subway system where it is dark, hot and isolated. This was hell and the demons had been defeated losing their grip on mankind.

Many light warriors (Angels) perished in the process but their dedication and determination to save the lost and wandering people paid off. The old and broken side of the city began to crumble and fall apart day by day and those that choose to stay when the river calmed perished, suffered and crumbled with it. The lighter side of the city blossomed with new hope, new light, new purpose and a population of good people. Then I woke up and wrote this story down to share with you.

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