Spirit Chronicles: Heavenly Songs In My Head

I grew up listening to gospel music, attending shows and concerts with my family. In my adult years my dad loved to go to these shows and see his favorite Southern Gospel groups sing. He built quite a collection of music and when he retired and later got into his 70’s he would listen for hours to this music and make notes and read the Bible. Southern Gospel music was the way my dad connected to God and grew his faith. I had gotten away from listening to this music other than every now and then.

Recently I have begun to dream about it a lot. I wake up with it in my head everyday now. It does not matter what time of night it is and if I am asleep or awake I am hearing these songs over and over in my head. God is sending me a message in this music and wants me to take action with it. I dabbled a bit years ago with a group of guys singing a little and sang in the church choir for twenty years or so. But something is telling me that this may the way God is going to use me to reach others. As a spiritual person and empathic dreamer I see, hear and feel things others may not.

Spirit sends messages to us through words, signs, pictures, numbers and music in our dreams. My nanny loved this music also and she was a dream empath with the ability to read a dream, study about it and tell someone what it means. I know this music is the way God is going to reveal my true gift and ability. I wrote a few weeks ago about an experience or two I have had where I was either dead, transforming or spiritually changing. God had been showing me signs and messages lately with music. This is nothing new to me as I have dreamed about music all of my life.

Twice that I have written down God gave me a song title and lyrics through my dreams and I wrote poems about it. Those poems may very well become a song soon if I can find the right person or group to give it to. Last night I awoke with the words “Jesus blood can make the vilest sinner clean”. The night before it was “have a little talk with Jesus”. On Monday night it was “come home, come home, all who are weary come home”. Last Friday I was given a song in my sleep that was sung by a heavenly choir. See the posting “Heavenly Choir” for more about that.

As I type I am hearing a song in my head right now that is over and over giving me encouragement to do something with my life and continue to follow Gods will. I pray God will continue to give me messages, signs and guidance about how I can use these messages to help others find Gods will in their lives. These musical dreams and visions are fantastic and much better than some of the other dreams about bad people, dead people, and lost souls. For more information please go back and look at some of my postings about dreams, visions and goals.

Go read Miracle On Old Town Road to see where it all started and how my transforming miracle began the process I live in daily and nightly. God bless you and I pray that the spirit come to you in music to comfort you and lift you up.


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