Spirit Chronicles: The Leg Grabber

I was sitting and relaxing and dosed off for a quick nap and immediately saw a man laying on the ground grabbing my right ankle and holding on. He was of Hispanic background and was wearing raggedy blue jeans with a black belt, no shoes or shirt. He was heavy set and had tattoos all over his arms, chest, arms and face. He was grabbing at my ankles and trying to get my attention. He looked battered and beaten as if he was the victim of a violent crime, robbery or beating. When we locked eyes he just stared at me and I could sense that he wanted me to help him. He was just laying there, stuck in a cycle of after death and not able to move on. He sensed that I could help him and was grabbing at me to seek help.

I pulled away twice and each time he reached back out and grabbed my leg to pull me closer to him, He couldn’t talk and just looked at me with sorrowful eyes. He had experienced lots of pain in his life and at the time of his death. He had made many mistakes and wanted someone to help him out. He needed someone to help him find the light and move on. The leg grabber was not mean, malevolent or evil. He was simply a lost soul that had found his way into a bad situation and was reliving what happened to him day after day. He had laid there for who knows how long reaching for people but no one knew he was there.

Just imagine the horror, frustration and fear this poor man felt laying there begging and reaching out for so long with no one to help or know he was there. When he grabbed me I felt pain in my ribs, lower back and legs. This was the pain he felt when he was attacked, kicked and beaten. I pulled away from him a third time because the pain he was sending to me was real and hitting me hard. I felt a sudden rush of anger and resentment flowing from him into me also. I stepped back away from him and he reached back out, just looking at me and trying to grab me again. I knew I had to help him move on so I stepped back over and told him that I was not the light. I told him to seek the big light and allow God to take him.

He smiled at me and released my ankle and looked the other way. He rolled over to his belly and with his broken bones and body he began to crawl away from me reaching out for something in front of him. He crawled a few feet, looked back with a slight grin and began to disappear into the mist out in front of him. Suddenly a light showed in the mist and there were others standing there. You could only slightly see them as shadows but they were not dark but of the light. It was some of his past relatives that had already crossed over coming to get him and take him home. Now the man on the corner can rest and no longer lie on the ground and grab for ankles to get someone’s attention.

After I woke up and began to write it down I realized where he was laying I had been on that street corner several times because I had lived in that neighborhood when I was a small child. My hope is that the man had not laid there for all of these years waiting on me to return and help him go home.


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