Spirit Chronicles: The Dead Nurses Aide

When I was in the hospital for seven days for Covid I was sleeping one night quietly but restless as those beds are generally not vey comfortable. I was used to people coming in and out of my room at all hours of the day to check my vitals, bring food, clean the room and check on my status. I got to know all the shift workers that week by name and what shift they worked. The third night about 3:13am I was laying with my back to the door and a young lady walked into my room. She was wearing blue nursing gear but did not have a mask or protective helmet on like all the others had to wear in that part of the Covid ward. I was in the section where the severe Covid patients were being treated and it was unusual to see one in my room without a mask.

I continued to halfway snooze in and out and said hello to her. She walked around behind me on the other side of the bed so I assumed she was just cleaning staff or a nurses assistant checking the machine or emptying the trash cans. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep and then I saw the young lady walk up to me holding a food tray out as if to hand it to me. I woke up and no one was in the room with me and being half asleep I would have heard the door open and close and see the light from the hallway. So I assumed it was a staff member and went back to asleep.

At 6:15am a nursing aide came into my room to wake me up and check my blood sugar, get my vitals and ask me what I wanted for breakfast. Her name was Shantell and she had been my nursing aid for several days since they work a rotating shift of three days on and three days off. She checked my vitals and took my breakfast order and as she was leaving I thanked her and said “oh by the way, who was the young lady that came in my room this morning around 3:15am” I told her the young lady walked into the room and didn’t have a mask on and didn’t talk then offered me a food tray. The nursing aide said let me ask the charge nurse who that was because she violated policy and Covid protocol not wearing a mask in the ward.

The charge nurse came into my room and asked me a series of questions about the young lady and who she might be. She asked me if I dreamed it and I responded that I woke up and she was standing behind me in the room. She asked me to describe her because no one else had been working that floor or wing and there was no documentation of anyone going in and out of the room. They record everything in the computer as policy and no one was there but Shantell and the charge nurse overnight. I told her the young lady was in her mid twenties, blondish hair, blue eyes and pale skinned. I told her the young lady was very quiet and offered me a food tray but then she was gone. Food is not brought to a room for breakfast prior to 6:30am so that made no sense.

When I described the to the charge nurse she and the nursing aide looked at each other with amazement and grinned. I asked her what was going on and she told me nothing, don’t worry about it and said she would be back later to check on me. I knew she was not telling me the truth or something was wrong s when she returned later to give me my medicine I asked her to tell me the truth. I told her that I had the ability to see, hear and sense things that others could not. That is when she smiled and said, “I don’t know about all that, but I can tell you that we had a young blond nursing aide die in a tragic car wreck a year or so ago named Kelly”. She said maybe you saw her spirit if you can see things. At this point I think the nurse was creeped put so she went on her rounds.

Later on that night about 12:!5am the same young lady came into my room. This time she touched me on my back which creeped me out and woke me up. I was used to them waking me up for testing vitals, but this was different. I instantly knew it was spirit touching me so I turned over and there stood the dead nursing aide Kelly just staring at me. I said hello Kelly how can I help you. She reached out her arms as if to offer me something but she wasn’t holding anything. I told her to go to the light that her family was waiting for her. I told her to go seek God and move on that she was dead. She looked at me as to be confused and then looked at the door and turned and walked out of the room. The door was closed partially so she literally walked out of the door.

I did not see Kelly anymore the next few days until I checked out and went home. When I went to bed that night I dreamed about her, a man in a wheel chair, a security guard and an old man. All of them were dead and had followed me home seeking help. I was just discovering my gift so I only knew to tell them not to come into my home, my dreams or physically touch me anymore. I told them to go to the light and move on or go back to where they came from that they were all dead and needed to move on from this world. I never saw any of them again so I assume they moved on or went back to their place to haunt more people and relive their lives as wondering spirits,


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