Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Aunt Beona, Grandmother and The Old Camping Cabin

Last night I dreamed that I was at a camping ground staying in an old wooden structure and my mom and aunt were with me sitting around a camp fire relaxing. There was another older spirit there which is one of my spirit guides. This lady has long silver hair, is very pretty and in her 80’s. I believe this to be one of my great grandmothers on my moms side. She has been very active in my dreams and visions the last six months since I awoke and had the transformation with God and spirit. We were trying to relax and there were three men that looked pretty rough and they were mean spirited. They kept hitting me in the mouth by running by and sneaking up on me from behind the door, out of the walls and from the woods. Before the dream ended I had lost five teeth total and saw myself looking in the mirror to see a bloody mouth and five teeth missing from my mouth.

They all came from the side of my mouth so I could see the blood in the back of my mouth. I looked like I had been in a boxing match. These three guys had faces that were hard to see and moved around like your watching a 3D movie without glasses. This signified to me that they were dark spirits trying to mess with me and hurt me. My mom, aunt and grandmother came through to help me from these guys. I was fighting them the best I could, but with three of them I didn’t have much of a chance against all of them. My grandmother stood at the door and she is an older soul spirit so she pushed them back once they had beat me enough to knock my teeth lose and out.

My mom and aunt were by my side telling me to stay strong, have faith and fight for my life. I am not sure what this fight for my life stuff is about and will have to study on it, think about it and see where that leads. After they stopped the attack and we pushed them away my grandmother sat down in an old rocking chair and just looked at me with a beautiful smile that was very reassuring to me. It made the pain of the fights go away and my mom and aunt just stood by ready to defend me in a moments notice. No one talked, but I could hear what they were saying to me. My mom smiled at me like the picture of her I have on my desk and it just made me know she was there and has my back against evil and darkness. When you transform into a more spiritual person the devil sends his demons to attack you. The devil wants to scare you into not being who God is calling you to be.

I have been attacked many times in my sleep so go read some of those stories on my blog posting for further details. Before I awoke my mom and grandmother cleaned me up, wiping it all away and I saw a new man in the mirror. I didn’t look like myself but I knew it was me staring back at me in the mirror. My mom has protected me several times over the last nine months and is constantly watching over me at all times. God sends us all Angels and Spirit guides to assist us and keep us safe from evil. We have to ask for their help and give thanks for their presence in our lives. I am thankful I got to be at an old camp ground in that old building with my mom, aunt and grandmother. As for the evil trio, we will likely see them again but with Gods help, faith and my guides I will continue to be a light warrior for God to show people the light of heaven.


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