Spirit Chronicles: Transformed Near Death Experience

Back in September of 2020 I had a heart issue that lead me to having a surgery procedure. I went into the hospital to get a reactively simple procedure that is completed daily all across the world to fix clogged and sealed off arteries in a persons heart. It all started with breathing issues, chest pain, and a miracle from Heaven that saved my life. I was given a message from a family friend that is very gifted that my mom from heaven had shown her I had chest and heart issues. She told me that I had two blockages with one being in my main artery and another small one. The average person might think this to be crazy or out there, but for me it was a clear sign that I needed to go to the doctor. Long story short, I went to the doctor and was immediately scheduled for a heart procedure to see what was happening and fix anything.

I had told the doctor the reason I was there and who advised me (a message from heaven) that I had heart issues that needed to be resolved immediately. Imagine telling your doctor that when they ask who referred you to see them and why you think your having heart issues. The doctor picked at me a bit about it in a kind way and scheduled the procedure. I reported to the hospital, was prepped and went into the surgery that morning. That is when the :Transformation” happened. During the procedure something happened and I remember the event vividly to this day. I was under a local anesthesia and was able to talk and hear what was happening around me. During the procedure I remember a brief time when I was suddenly looking out at the ceiling just staring and felt so light and calm. I was not seeing the ceiling tiles or lights. Instead I was seeing the beautiful blue sky and wonderful clouds.

This went on for several minutes and during that time I remember seeing myself lying on the table and being worked on. I also remember the doctor asking me “Mr. Bowers, are you with us”. Mr. Bowers, can you hear me”. Mr. Bowers, talk to us”. I didn’t pay this much attention until later on when I realized after talking to my doctor that I had somehow either died or had some type of near death experience on that table. His exact words were “you scared the shit out of us for a short time:. He then said “did you leave your body”? This triggered me to realize that I had “transformed” that day. God had given me a new gift at the time and used that opportunity to awaken something in me that I felt was always there but was not sure about.

I left that hospital a different person, with a changed soul, with ability that I did not understand. I could suddenly see things, sense things, fell things and hear things that I could not before. I had changed or “transformed” and God had used his spirit to change me and allow me to help others change. I titled the name of this blog Heavenly notices for that very reason. God had allowed my mom (one of my spirit guides) to communicate to me an issue with my heart. Oh, by the way the doctor also told me that everything I told him in the interview prior to the procedure was 100% accurate down to the actual clots and where they were located.

Soon after going home all the dreams, visions, messages, and spiritual activity began to come along. It grows daily and I am guided by God and his spirit as I patiently learn to use what I was gifted when I died or “transformed” on that table. All the many instances I have written about on this blog from the early age of nine to my mid fifties wrapped back to a gift I had but did not know how to use. I thank God for the gift and what it will develop into. I thank God for my guardians and Angels that guide and protect me. I will continue to write about my dreams, visions and experiences as they happen. Embrace the gifts God give us and flourish in life.


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