Health: What’s Your Why

My wife and I began to take our health much more serious in late 2020 after two close calls I had with my overall health. We sat down and talked about our future goals in life. What we wanted to accomplish together as individually. We talked about where we were and how we were going to get there. The first thing we realized was the we needed to know our why. You may ask, what do you mean by our why? When you set goals in life for relationships, financials, overall health and other areas that are important to you just making a list and going after it is not the best way. You have to look at things, analyze it, break it down and then figure out what is you “why”. We decided that we wanted to focus on our relationship, family, finances and spiritual growth going forward. We wrote these things down and then started thinking about what is our “why” for each of these.

Financial- Our why was to be independently secure with enough money to live the life we want to when I retire in around five years or so. To do this we have to decrease what little debt we have, save more and invest in our near future. The why is to be financially secure!

Spiritual- We have always kept the Lord present in our marriage and life’s and it is an important piece of our total package. The why is that God has been and still is good to us and we need to be better at talking to him, praying to him and finding his peace in our busy lives. Our why is that God loves us.

Physical Health- As stated above I had a few scares with my heart (twice) and Covid 19. This brought us back to reality that we had to take better care of ourselves, get more exercise, relax more and eat better. This why was an easy one to figure out. I want to be here for my wife of 28 years and grown daughters. So the why is to live.

Relationships- We have a very strong relationship and marriage. We have two awesome grown daughters and are very close to them. We cherish those relationships with family, friends, co-workers and other people in our lives. So our why was to build on those relationships and get the best we can out of them with what time we have.

Now you know my why. What are your why’s and how do you plan to attack them and accomplish the goals, dreams and visions attached to them? It all starts with self reflection and figuring our where you are and where you want to be. What is important to you and why. Go find your why and live your best life!

Coach B

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