Daily Bread: Seven Ways to Spend Renewal Time With God

1- Spend time with God first thing in the mornings. Get out of bed five minutes earlier grab a cup of coffee sit down and read a couple chapters in your favorite book. I like having a study bible handy with specific chapters or passages based on what is on my mind.

2- Invite Gods Presence into your life. Ask God for guidance, leadership and his ever steady watch over you daily. Pray for grace, mercy, patience, understanding and inner peace as you begin your attack on each days activity.

3- Use mobile Bible apps to listen to the word. Have it read to you and get sent occasional reminders to pray, read and rest in the word.

4- Meet God in different places and times. Find a quiet place for lunch or walk in the park during lunch. Go outside in the morning or early evening and talk to God. Chill in your car and talk to God. Hike into the woods and talk to God and get back to nature.

5- Take a long warm cleansing shower. Water is healing and cleansing to the mind, body and soul. Use the energy of the water flowing on you to amplify your connection to God. Be willing to open up, break down, cry, celebrate, laugh and many other emotions that may come as you cleanse yourself spiritually and physically with a good long shower.

6- Pray in groups with friends, family or on text or phone chains, Lift each other up everyday and feel the power of two or more people lifting you or someone else up. There is power in prayer and the way it rises up.

7- Be Thankful for spiritual support, blessings, guidance, grace and forgiveness. Thank God daily for his enduring love, patience and role in your life.

Be Blessed, Bless Others, Pray, Grow Spiritually and Seek God.

Coach B


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