Spirit Chronicles: The Demon In The Closet

Last night I dreamed that I was in my nanny’s house that I have not been into since back around 2000. Many of my dreams about spiritual warfare between myself and demons takes place at this location. It seems to be connected somehow to a spiritual realm through a portal. When I lived there for several years after my Nanny passed we encountered several odd things that happened to us. Not that it seems to be a house that shows up a lot in my dreams and visions tells me that it has a connection of sorts to both good and evil spiritual realms. As I am making my transformation into doing God’s will and using a gift he gave me I seem to get harassed by demons, malevolent spirits and lost souls. The devil sends them to us to attack us when we are strong and weak.

When God gives us the gift of showing people the light the devil steps in and does what he can to fight that off and turn you away from God. He uses his various types of demons and evil spirits to attack you, bother you, fight with you and try to scare you into not believing in what God is doing for you. The stronger the gift and the connection with God the more they will attack you until you reach a point where they back off. Then they come every now and then to test your will, strength and determination to stay the course and do what God had willed in your life. This being I fought last night was pretty common and is routinely a low level but strong spirit given authority to ruin lives by the Devil.

These generally look quite normal until the ugly side comes out. Last night I was in the old house and near the front door is a closet that even when I lived there never felt comfortable to me. I walked into the front door and sitting on a bed were two women. One of those was my older spirit guide (my great grandmother) and another woman I did not recognize. They were there to support me but were not speaking to me, just sitting and looking at me smiling with a reassuring and calming look as mothers would do to a child in need or in fear. I sensed a strong spirit close so I opened the closet door and inside stood a blond headed male over six feet tall with dark blue eyes. He looked harmless due to his nice blond hair and good looks, but inside of him I sensed an evil presence and realized it was there to attack me or harasses me.

The spirit started laughing at me, mocking me telling me I was weak and should give in. I knew it was trying to attack my bit of fear and self doubt that we all have at times. So I immediately put my hands out into a blocking formation like I was the karate kid (that is how I muster my life force) to push things away from me. I began to push it back using my spiritual force and it pushed back and the harder we pushed the madder and louder it got. It just kept saying “your weak, give up”. Then it escalated when the thing took a few swipes at me from inside the closet and I was just a few feet away. It couldn’t leave the closet but was trying to push its way through the open door. I had a strong block on it but it was strong and came on hard.

That is when my guardians tried to stand up and assist me but I knew I was strong enough to beat this thing. I had faced three the night before and a few much stronger than this one before and defeated them. I looked at the ladies and told them to stay there that I had this and would handle it. They smiled and nodded there heads in agreement which told me I was strong enough to defeat this tall dark thing. Its face then turned crazy and warped which always signifies to me what I am dealing with. This shows me they are a lost soul, demon or evil spirit with bad intentions for myself, family or others. So I pushed even harder and began to demand it go back to where it came from. It laughed, contorted its face and pushed against me.

I got a hold on it and gave a big push and yelled “by the power of God, I command you to go away” and it slammed to the back of the closet against the wall shaking the house. I then stepped just inside the door because sending it away didn’t feel enough so I physically pinned it to the wall with my left arm and suddenly I was strong enough with one arm to hold it off. It tried to bite me, spit on me and snarled and screamed a deep and dark growl and started to flail around wildly. I took my right hand and wetted my pointing finger with my saliva and began to draw a cross on its forehead as it fought me off. I did the down swipe and its eyes changed dark black and it screamed so loud it shook the room we were in as if it was calling for help. When it did this my guardians stepped over to the doors entering the room, one at the front door and the other at the hallway door to block any help that may have been conjured.

I took my saliva once again and while literally fighting it from biting me like a crazed zombie did the side ways swipe completing the cross and when I did that it yelled even louder a bone chilling yell no one could ever forget and it began to stop flailing, fighting and contorting its face. The power of God and his overwhelming spirit is too much for any evil to withhold and the process of placing the cross on the forehead and telling it to go back to where it came from instantly sent it back to hell. I looked to my right and left and the ladies smiled at me joined hands and walked off into the clouds towards heaven and faded into the sunrise. I was in the room but could see the clouds and sky and have on many occasions. I believe that is my version of heaven, a beautiful blue sky, partly cloudy with white clouds and just peacefulness everywhere.

I stepped away from the door and no longer felt the thing that was there and slammed the door shut. I woke up and began to write this scary tale of good versus evil that most people would never understand until they lived in it. God has given me a gift from heaven and I use it to fight off bad spirits and show lost spirits Gods light. I am a light warrior that battles things in my dreams, has visions and am visited by the other side frequently. I am growing spiritually in a positive way, changing from the inside out and praying for God’s guidance, wisdom and grace as I continue this journey and transformation.

The bible is laced with many verses and stories about good versus evil and how the spirit of God and good always wins in the end. We as humans have to choose which way we will go and how we will live our life. We can live life with God in it or the devil in it. Be careful what you choose for there will be consequences for those thoughts, actions, behaviors, and beliefs. This is my story and I am sticking to it. People can criticize, not believe, throw shade or just generally disagree with me and my dreams. However, actual experience always outweighs someone’s opinion. If God had gifted you, tapped on your heart and you realize the spiritual realm is much bigger, wider and stronger than anything we can imagine. Then stand strong, tell your story and do not be afraid of what others think.

James 4:7; Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Ephesians 6:11; Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.


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