Health: Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Sick Post Covid

Like millions of people I had the Covid-19 virus and was in the hospital in pretty bad shape. It took a toll on my overall health and made me really consider how I would go forward protecting myself from viruses like Covid, the Flu bug and other communicable diseases. I have always been a daily multiple times user of hand sanitizer because my profession is teaching and coaching high school kids. Unfortunately they come to school sick, coughing, with fevers, and other flu and cold symptoms routinely. I try not to use the same pens and have always kept a line between my desk and where they sit. I have been fortunate to not get too many colds or flus from my students but with the Covid recovery still ongoing and trying to gain my total strength and stamina back I am more cautious now. With that said I came up with some quick ways that most people know for protecting themselves and their families post Covid from other infectious and communicable diseases.

1- Wash you hands routinely for 15 or 20 seconds. While washing them make sure to scrub your nails and the palms of the hands good as germs will ride in those areas.

2- Use hand sanitizer often and make sure it is one that kills 99% of all germs. I buy mine at the Dollar Tree and it works well.

3- Do not share pens, pencils, utensils and other things we use daily with people. I have my own set of pens to write with and nobody but me uses them.

4- Maintain a proper distance even after Covid moves on. I have always kept my students out of my space and do my best to stay out of there space also. Personal space is important to me and always has been.

5- Stay home if you are sick. Do not be that person that risks making everyone else sick because you are hard headed or do not care. Making other people sick costs them time, money and energy that could have been avoided by just staying home.

6- Clean and disinfect surfaces, door knobs and other items that people touch on a routine basis. I spray Lysol everyday after my class ends and clean the door knobs. We do this daily and so far it has been an effective way to avoid major illness.

7- Respect other peoples rights to wear a mask if they chose to even after Covid 19 is over. I have found that wearing a pullover type mask is actually good for many other things like working outside, hiking, mowing the yard, cleaning the house and other things we do.

8- Do not let people touch or use you phone. Peoples hands can be nasty and full of germs. Those germs get left on your phone and your touching it, using the screen, putting it to your ear and beside your face. I do not like people using my phone so if a student needs to call someone to get a ride I dial the number and put them on speaker to avoid the contact and potential issue of getting sick.

I am not afraid of Covid, the Flu bug or a common cold. But with the experience we all had the last 14-15 months it has shown us that we need to be more diligent in how we spend time around others, touch surfaces and protect our families. Covid was real tough on me and I do not want anymore to do with it, the flu or any other common communicable disease. Stay safe and live your best life!

Coach B


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