Americana: Pocket Full of Rocks

My youngest daughter Brooke has always been infatuated with rocks of all kinds. When she was a little girl she would come home every day from school and my wife would find her pocket full of rocks. She would have rocks in her pockets, her jacket, her back pack and anywhere else she could hide them. By the time she left elementary school I think we might have owed them a load of gravel rock and pebbles to offset all the ones she brought home. When we would travel to the mountains and go to a river she would collect rocks. When we went to a gem mine she would always find the best and prettiest rocks. When we began the process of selling our home recently we went through the garage and found two or three boxes of rocks she had saved through the years.

She would collect the rocks and out them into a tumbler to break them up and shine them up nice and pretty. Rocks are ancient and have been on Earth for millions of years and they have so much history in them. I love rocks myself and when we travel to the mountains I always go looking for rocks of different colors and sizes. Rocks are strong, hard to break and make a great foundation for buildings. Living a fruitful and fun life requires us to build a foundation on solid rock. In the bible there is reference to rocks and the solid foundation they lay for our lives, faith and family. I guess Brooke got her love of rocks from me as I was traveling this past weekend in the North Carolina mountains I took a bunch of pictures of great big giant rocks. As I found them and took the pictures, climbing on most of them to get the best view I could only imagine how many people had stood upon those rocks or touched them.

I saved those rocks for Brooke and someday she will take them home and hopefully share her love of rocks with her family and kids (when she has some). Brooke got married recently and when I spoke at her reception part of what I said was for her and Jonathan to lay a firm foundation as strong as rock and build the marriage upon that. Amazing that a pocket full of rocks can bring back so many memories of my girls when they were little. When I was a kid I would stand for hours on the gravel road I grew up on, take a stick and hit rocks until I was too tired to swing or the stick broke. Rocks are cool, have tons of history and are part of Gods great plan he had to share with us. Thank goodness for God, Brooke and her pocket full of rocks.

Coach B


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