Travel: Five Reasons To Visit the Mountains

Five Reasons to Visit the Mountains

Visiting the mountains for a day trip, a weekend getaway or for a vacation is a fabulous idea.  The mountains offer so many advantages that you cannot find in other areas of your state.  If you are not fortunate to have mountains then go a few states over and spend some time there.  I will be in the mountains this week over spring break and know I will be getting some writing inspiration from the visit.  My wife and I go to the mountains about two to three times a year to get away, get renewed and refresh.

I can think of many reasons why you should go to the mountains and visit, but will only list my top five during this brief blog post.  As I write we are packing our bags for a wonderful week away from stress, anxiety, kids, work, and all the other things that we do daily.  Just the wife and I chilling out, sightseeing and looking for some new waterfalls in the North Carolina mountains.

  1. Mountains are very old.  They are some of the oldest formations on Earth that were formed millions of years ago.  The beauty and history of the way they were carved out is a sight to see.
  2. Mountains offer some of the best and clearest water you can find anywhere in the world.  Mountain streams, creeks and lakes are beautiful and so pure.  Find a wonderful water hole, put your feet in that coldness and just enjoy.
  3. Mountains are the home to wonderful down home people.  Mountain folks are a special breed and are wonderful to meet and mingle with.  They are genuinely hard working family people that like the laid back style of living.  
  4. Mountains offer the best picture taking opportunity.  Everywhere you go there is a chance to catch an awesome sunrise, sunset, animals, scenery, trees, nature, and all the special things you will not encounter in the city or flat land area.
  5. Mountains just allow you to get back to God.  The mountains bring me back, take me down a notch and restore my soul.  They are like clay that has been molded by God and offer a glimpse at nature and God’s mighty works.

I hope you take a mountain trip soon.  Get some pictures, hike, see wildlife, meet new people and reset your inner peace in the process.  If I get stressed out, anxious or just need a break I head to the mountains.

Coach B!

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