Daily Bread: Five Ways to Grow Your Faith

Today as I was reading my Coaches Bible I wrote down some notes about growing my faith. I have always relied on God and he is a huge part of my personal, family and work life. I seek his guidance often, pray daily and watch for opportunity he provides and doors to open. As I was thinking about the reading today it came to mind that as much as I love God and his blessings in my life. I know that I often fall short of his expectations and my own when it comes to nurturing the relationship with him. As I was thinking about it and making some notes it hit me that there had to be a pattern or practice to follow to grow my faith and relationship with God. So I looked it up in the bible, did some googling and research and wrote down a quick list of the ways I can increase my faith daily.

Once I get this formula for success I will have to be persistent and practice it. Just like being a good person, teacher and coach takes hard work, practice and preparation. So does building a better understanding of Gods word, his will in your life and meeting him on his terms. That also takes practice and patience to develop overtime. So I will do better, work harder, work smarter and be more open to Gods will in my life going forward. I will fail at times and fall short, but if I keep focused and pursue this renewed and increased connection with God It will happen. Below is a quick list of ways I plan to pursue his grace, mercy and forgiveness.

1- Read the Word Daily- The Bible is Gods word and is full of encouragement, advice, stories, parables and opportunity to learn and grow from. I can read and see things through my eyes and open my heart to his word by just taking a few minutes daily to read.

2- Surround myself with people of faith- I love all my friends and family but being around people that are positive and have experienced Gods love in their life is important to me. They have been broken, hurt, damaged and have turned to him for inner peace. I have had my fair share of bad in my life, some my own fault so being around people of faith is uplifting.

3- Put the words and messages I read and receive into practice- I must practice being a better Christian, a better servant and can do that by putting what I learned into practice. It is like training on the job, you get trained to do something and go do it. The best results will occur if you just do what your supposed to do and wait for the benefits.

4- Read more faith based books, watch more faith based movies and listen to good advice from Christian people. This will help me see things from different perspectives and allow me to form my own opinion. I can be myself, learn my way and choose what I want to read, see, hear and think. It is my relationship with God to nurture and grow.

5- Trust in Gods plan for me in my life- I have had numerous challenges and changes in my life in my fifties suddenly and am not sure the direction I will go in the coming years. I have to get in the word, be patient, listen, grow, pray and wait for God to work in my life.

Find your way of growing your faith with whatever or whomever you choose to worship. For me it is the living God and his word in the Holy Bible. Find your faith, grow it and set goals along the way and watch yourself grow inner peace.

Coach B!


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