Daily Bread: Six Traits You Can Share With God

God has so many positive traits and my guess is they are almost countless. Today as I was praying and reading it hit me that as humans we have the potential to be more like our creator and savior. God has shown us through the creation of mankind and his constant gifts, care and patience the way to live a better life. As I read the bible today I wrote down some traits that we can develop or better develop on a daily basis that would allow people to see God in us. We can be a light to the world or a shadow in the darkness. I chose to be a light and will seek to find ways to be more like my creator in how I pursue relationships at home, at work, in the community and in the nation.

There are many misguided folks in our world. People that have lost their way and are struggling to find the light and get back. We as believers are obligated and called to witness God’s light to the world and change it one moment, one minute, one hour, one day and one year at a time. But to accomplish this we must change and grow our inner self by focusing on traits that will spread that light through our actions, behaviors, reactions, words, and relationships with others.

1- God is knowable: God is an open book that allows us to connect with him at a higher level. He forms relationships with us by letting us get to know him. He does that through his words, actions and involvement in our lives. We can do the same for our fellow mankind by allowing them to get to know us and see us or who we really are.

2- God is welcoming: He welcomes us all by giving the ultimate gift of his son Jesus Christ. He is open to relationships and connections with us and we must pursue that with him. We can be more welcoming to others, more open to who they are, more graceful in accepting others and their differences. We should welcome people into our lives so we can show them we love, care and want to support them like God does us.

3- God is creative: He created everything and is the master potter of clay. He forms us into creative beings that are capable of doing anything we desire if we seek him first. We all have some form of creativity and can make things. Sure, we cannot snap our fingers and create mankind, planets, stars and spirit. But we can use our gifts of creativity to create a better world through ideas, actions, building, innovation, brain storming and making a better life here on Earth for our children and grand children.

4- God is forgiving: Our father forgives us through grace and mercy constantly. He offers us the opportunity to seek forgiveness of our sins, transgressions and pitfalls in life. We must be more forgiving of others and ourselves. Not forgiving others is a plague on mankind that contributes to violence, poor decisions, broken relationships, broken homes, drug addiction, sexual addiction, alcohol addiction and all the other problems we create for ourselves. Ask first for forgiveness, allow others to be forgiven and the world will be a better place.

5- God is honest: What he said we can bank on. What he has promised we can trust in. What he has shown us is consistency. God is not a promise breaker, he is a promise keeper. He was honest in his words on how life is to be lived, how are actions, thoughts, behaviors and the way we chose to live our life’s will impact our eternal life. Some think God may not keep promises, but it is not him that is falling short, it is us as humans. We must be more honest with people, not coddle them or run from their problems. Tell the truth, be honest and hold yourself accountable as God would.

6- God is capable: God is the most capable of all to help, guide, lead, cure, fix, mentor, teach, coach, and show the way. We are all capable of so much more than we have accomplished in life. We are so much more capable of doing great things and being more like the person God wants us to be. To be capable you must first believe in yourself, a higher power and work hard to execute your capability. We may fall short because of human issues, but we are capable of beating all the sin, afflictions, addictions and setbacks in our live to be the absolute best we can.

Proverbs 3:6; In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

2nd Timothy 3:17; That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

God Bless! Coach B


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