Spirit Chronicles: The Invasion

The Invasion

I dreamed that an invasion was coming.  I wasn’t sure what or who they were, but they were strong and had weaponry and technology we could not fight against and win.  My family and I were at a fundraising event to help a neighbor in need.  As the event ended, a massive rain began to fall, it rained for days and days.  Rain shut everything down and even my jeep wouldn’t go very far in the water.  People with boats could get around and help people.

It rained so much that the water was 3-4 feet deep everywhere, including the higher areas of yards and hills.  This was a biblical rain and it shut down everything.  People had to move from their homes and find places in much higher ground to stay.  Everything they had was lost in the flooding including many lives in the process.

My family and I had gathered what we could and left our home heading out to find a place to stay that was dry and not flooded.  Cars were no longer able to go due to the high waters so we were walking to find a place to stay.  Some bigger trucks were able to go in the waters and people were fighting each other for basic needs, gas, food, water and shelter.  We made it to a location that was on top of  a hill and as we approached the yard the flood waters started rolling towards us once again and the rain picked up.  It was cold and wet and relentless rain slammed us.  

Suddenly as we were going into the home, a group of people were yelling and screaming in terror.  My immediate thought was they were in fear of their lives due to the flooding behind them and some got knocked off their feet and washed away with the raging water.  Others were clinging to life and doing their very best to walk in the water as it pounded them.  

That is when I saw the beings coming and figured out the terror and screams were because they were being chased by these soldiers (that is what they looked like).  It was dark due to the heavy clouds and driving rain and these things had lights on their helmets that were very bright and they somehow could move through the water much easier than the people running.

They were very fluid and could go twice as fast and as they caught people would detain them and everyone caught was loaded up in a vehicle like a giant truck, but this was something different.  I could move in that water and rain fluidly also.  My family and I ran into the house to hide and we discovered there were several families already in there and we all tried to barricade the doors and windows.  This attempt for freedom and escape did not work and soon we were all loaded up and hauled off to a secure location for processing.

At this location there were hundreds of people, and it was actually a fire house in a small community.  They were gathering people and conducting testing on them to see who were like them and who were not.  These things were silent but very forceful and for those that fought back or attempted to flee it went bad.  They had these special weapons that could either immobilize or vaporize the people.  After one or two were killed by them most people just got in line and stood in fear, waiting to see what happened to them.  The things had six lights around their head, two just above the ear, two at the eye socket and two more at the top of the scalp above the eyes.  

They had some type of machine or technology that scanned the faces of the people.  One of two things would occur once the scan took place.  The face of the person would either show those six lights or would look like a normal human face.  Those that scanned and had lights were taken to a separate area and I was not sure where or for what.  Those that did not were also taken to a holding area and I didn’t know why.  As we went through the process, most of the people scanned had the lights and were quickly taken away to the other room.  

I was the first to be scanned for my family, we were all inline and I had my wife and kids behind me to try and protect.  It was weird because when I fought back, all they did was push me around and try to make me stay in line.  But when others ran or fought they were killed or immobilized.  I was scanned and my face was normal so they began to push me into another room and as I looked back I could see them start to scan my wife, but then the door slammed and I didn’t see what happened.  There were only three of us in the room and hundreds had gone through the process so we knew something was different about us.

Before I could find my family, we were pushed outside and the door was shut behind us.  It was as if they were releasing us to move on.  I immediately tried to get in the building but for some reason all the entry points were sealed and I could not get in. We moved on and I hid in the woods with the rain still driving down and flooding everything to see what happened to my family.  A big vehicle left the building and suddenly the rain stopped and things cleared up really fast.  It was like the storm had passed and the rain was a diversion for the things to accomplish their goal.  

I was not sure what to do so myself and the two other people started looking for a new place to stay and get dry.  As we were moving along to find the new safe place, we gathered what supplies we could and took a few days off the grid to just make sure everything was clear.  This is when things got really crazy, because people were fighting, scavenging and stealing from each other to have basic supplies and needs.  I gathered what I could and went back to the firehouse to investigate things and went inside.  Inside I actually found a lot of supplies, clothing and weapons that had been taken from people as they were processed.

I found knives, some medical supplies, canned foods, clothing and one of those weapons that the invaders had used. It was stashed away in a closet behind a big pile of clothes.  I fired the weapon at the wall to see what it would do and it burned a hole in the wall.  It shot a spray of some type from the barrel and it was very toxic like acid.  I also found a suit of armour type material that included a vest, two gloves and a helmet.  These were homemade and had been taken from the people being processed and left behind.  Now I had the basic supplies needed to seek out my family so I took some supplies from the others and asked them to join me.  They chose to stay hidden so I told them about the stash at the firehouse so they could get what they needed.  

I left and began to search for my family and a few weeks later I saw one of the trucks and it ran off the road.  There were four guards in the vehicle and I attacked them with all I had and in the process killed three of them by shooting that weapon and vaporizing them, while the other I detained and took his weapon.  My family was in that truck and I had saved them.  We got the truck out of the ditch and drove away to find shelter and get some rest.  We made our way to the mountains and found a place way back in the woods to stay and rest.  

Things were still bad and the remaining population of people that were still alive had to fend for themselves, live off the land and fight for survival many times over.  My wife told me to go and check to see if my brothers were ok, so I gathered some supplies and set off to find them.  I found an old jeep and it still ran and had some gas in it.  I took the jeep and as I was on the way I ran into many sub groups of people that were on the run from the beings and also encountered some troops that were collecting people.  For some reason they didn’t want me so I used that to my advantage to fight them and free as many people as I could.  

This is a lot of action packed into a dream and as it was coming to an end, I was getting close to my brothers house and a gang of people attacked me and the jeep.  I fought them off and as I was trying to flee after fighting a few of them off of the jeep, I saw a guy standing in the road with a rifle.  He had it pointed straight at my chest and fired.  I was hit but the metal armour I had gathered at the firehouse saved my life.  

The bullet penetrated but did not hit anything vital organs, the suit of armour had slowed it down.  Suddenly, I heard a female voice say “get off the road before the rage gets you”. I awoke instantly and asked my wife who was looking at her phone if she had said anything to me and she replied I didn’t say anything, why?  

The woman saying “get off the road before the rage gets you” still sits in my mind.  It has meaning, and I will eventually figure it out.  This dream aligned with several others I have had recently about the fight between good and evil. God has a plan for me and I will figure that out within his guidance.  I realize these dreams are not literal and I will not be some super fighter human defeating evil things, beings, and the devil.  However, I do think it is a sign of things to come and somehow, some way I will be part of the good that fights it.

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