Spirit Chronicles: The Coming

The Coming

Last night I had a dream of apocalyptic measures.  It was very vivid, scary and like being in a sci-fi movie.  I was outside in the yard and it was a very gray, cloudy day with hardly any visibility to the blue skies.  As my family and I were talking on the porch and watching the dogs run around in the front yard chasing each other.  The skies got darker very fast, turning almost black and there was no light coming through at all.  It got so dark the automatic lights in the yard and on the porch came on.  Suddenly I looked up and saw giant holes about the size of a football field but round or circular opening up about every square mile or two.  These holes were round and had a circular motion like tornados.  I initially thought it was a series of tornados, but it couldn’t be with so many holes opening up all over the sky.  These holes went as far as the eye could see and got bigger and bigger as it got darker and darker.

Then light started coming through the giant holes.  A light like I have never witnessed, so bright that you had to turn away, it was blinding.  One color light, warm white with no other colors like red, green, blue or purple.  As the lights got bigger and bigger, I saw what appeared to be ships coming through the holes.  These ships were massive and made no sounds.  They were unlike any earthly mechanics and were moving fluidly as they proceeded to breach the light holes and descend upon the earth.  I instantly knew this was an invasion of some kind, possibly aliens, some type of heavenly beings, maybe even darkness (evil).  I didn’t know but felt like they were here for people and their souls. The whole time I had a feeling of deception and fear.  It felt like both good and bad, which is part of the great deception coming.  People think of something as good, but it is really the bad being deceptive and trying to destroy good. 

The ships landed and some supernatural beings came out. They invaded the cities and heavily populated areas. They did not go into the countryside or small towns at the beginning..  It seemed like they were going after any town that was moderately populated to gather bodies, souls and take them away.  My family and I were safe from this at the start. We prepared the best we could by gathering food, weapons, ammo, water and other vital supplies.  The power grid collapsed days after the coming and everything went black.  If you didn’t have fire, candles or batteries you had no light.  Day turned into night, no sun coming through and no moon showing at night.  Temperatures became very cold so having layers of clothes was like having gold and silver stashed away.  Clothing, weapons, water and food was the new commodity everyone wanted.  If you had it, you had to protect it, hide it and at times fight to keep it.

People started turning on each other and times became very violent and hardly anyone could be trusted.  With time the invaders began harvesting people in the rural areas because the cities were empty and folks that survived had started to move into the rural areas to find food, shelter and safety.  Most of mankind had turned its back on God and one another.  It was as if we were in the end times and the devil was having his time on earth.  MIllions of people were taken away, not to heaven or like a rapture, but to somewhere else.  These were the lost ones, people that were not of the light and didn’t know God’s grace and salvation. It was more like a harvesting of people and souls.  They were taken to a place where they suffered. My family stayed hidden and fought off the invaders many times and they had advanced weapons.  We had standard guns and ammo so we had to be creative to stay alive.  Seemed like they could have gotten us, but didn’t because we were different, as were many other families around us.  We were protected by something, a force we knew was there but couldn’t see. 

Within time Godly beings started showing up around the earth and went to war with the dark invaders.  They beings were of the light and had powers like no one could dream of having.  These were super angels, over nine feet tall and special.  Appointed by God and empowered to save souls and people that loved God and the light.  They were protecting the people that were still of the light, people that had turned to God for help.  Those that didn’t were eventually taken away, killed or left to suffer a horrible existence on earth. Myself and several thousands became freedom fighters for the good side.  We all had some type of special ability to help others and save them.  Some were physically gifted, while others were spiritually gifted.  The thing that held us together was we all were praying individuals that relied on God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness to get through this terrible time.  

The ships eventually left and life resumed.  The earthly war was over and times were much better. It was like a reset button had been hit, a cleansing of evil and darkness had taken place.  People were kind, considerate and not in a hurry.  No frustrations, no anger and no sin.  The world was once again how God wanted it to be.  The bad had its time on earth and was now defeated.  I think the ships represented evil and its hold on the world right now.  Good eventually won out and it was if we had heaven on earth.  Your version of heaven was what you made of it as long as it was positive.  No evil, hurt, crime, fear, anger or violence was allowed.  It just disappeared along with those people and their souls. 

We live in times where hate is growing, violence is becoming a norm in all communities.  Fear mongering is prevalent in society.  If you disagree with someone else, then you are punished, people try to quieten or silence you.  The faithful however, will find hope in all things, events and happenings.  The faithful will stand tall in the end and win out over evil, sin and dark matters of life.  This was a dream, a vivid dream of biblical proportions.  It was a battle between good and evil.  A battle for the very heartbeat of the world and America.  There is such a thing as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and they want you to fall for their falsehoods and lies.  They will deceive you and leave you to the wolves when it all goes down.  I write this as my witness, if you agree or disagree that is fine. Each person must make the decision to be of the light or of the darkness.  Either way, prepare for The Coming soon.



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