Spirit Chronicles: She Said Step Back

I was sitting on the bed just relaxing after a long hard day at work and I heard a female voice say “step back” “RDR”. I looked around to make sure noone was in the room with me and went into the kitchen to ask my wife if she had heard anything. She told me she didn’t say anything and I knew that was true because I know her voice. So I went back into the room and sat down and ask the spirit that spoke to me to say something else. It wasn’t long I heard “step back” again and I was confused.

I went to my computer and googled what I heard but could find no references to what the RDR may mean other than some video game people like to play. I do not play video games so I just chalked it up as a random spirit encounter. The voice was female and young likely in her 30’s. It was pleasant and did not offer a threat to me. I can discern the difference between a good and bad spirit as they will try to fool you. So I spoke to her and told her to let me know what she wanted me to know.

I never heard her again and still have not figured out what RDR means or why she was telling me to step back. Maybe she was telling something bad to step back and she is one of my spirit guides. I will continue to seek what she wanted and wait for her to talk to me some more to figure out what she wants. Until then it is another experience I can record and put in the books as a spirit encounter. Spirit Chronicles continue to happen daily and I will continue to record it.


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