Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 339

Yesterday at 3:39pm I got hit with a very strong feeling of spirit and family. I took a snapshot of the clock in the car to make sure I remembered it and went home to investigate what 339 means from an Angelic number perspective. The number 3 signifies and represents courage, change and self-expression. Given to you twice it amplifies guidance, blessings and escalation of powers.

The number nine is very powerful in itself and represents lightworking and humanitarian work. I am a light worker and that resonates with me as I am gifted with the ability to sense, see, hear, feel and talk to spirit. I can sense those that have moved on before us and connect them with the living. Adding the three together signifies diving guidance, spiritual growth and soul mission.

I have been seeking ways to expand my talents and gifts that I was given when I had a near death experience in 2020. I came back from the light different and now see things as they really are and not how people see them from an earthly standpoint. This message from Angels is telling me to honor my path, growth and stay connected to God. 339 tells me that God and his Angels are with me every step of the way and are guiding me to be the best light worker I can.

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