Spirit Chronicles: Light Everywhere

Recently I have been praying very hard and seeking Gods light and guidance at a higher level. I pray he show me the light and take care of me. Today I was sitting at work and out of the corner of my eye I caught the smallest spirit light I have ever seen. I was about the size of a pin head and traveled across my hand and wrist going up my arm about an inch off my skin. It climbed all the way up to my head and then was gone.

I told the spirit that I had seen it and thanked it for coming to see me. It was so small but powerful and beautiful. It was an Angel sign that was trying to get my attention. I felt it around me all day like a protective circle telling me that I was ok. I recently have had a relapse in spiritual and physical gains I had made. I have felt worse the last few weeks and am worn down.

I saw the light so much and the dreamed about the number 829. The number 829 symbolizes Angels telling me to keep a steady pace, belieive in myself and know that I am taken care of. In a world with so much negative and dark light we can all find the positive and look for good light. God’s wonderful spirit light that shows us he cares and wants to protect us. I am thankful for the light and how it protects me, soothes me and heals me.

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