Spirit Chronicles: We Reap What We Sew

I dreamed I was in a valley and all around me were ancient beings. These were old spirits that left the earth thousands of years ago. They were all working in fields tending to the most beautiful flowers you could ever put your eyes on. They were silent, happy and just working the fields. They were digging holes, putting in seeds and instantly a beautiful flower would pop up and grow towards the sun. Then I saw a man standing at the edge of the field and he was amazing. He was powerful and was the head of the group of ancient ones. He was overseeing them as they tended to his fields and the wonderful array of flowers.

I then saw another man at the other end and he was standing over a barren field that had no growth. A group of ancient spirits were working that field also but no crops or flowers were growing. It was barren land, wasted and all they were doing was digging holes in the ground and planting seeds but nothing grew from all the work. These ancient ones were sad, malnourished and suffering from heat exposure. The man at the edge of the field had a whip and was forcing them to do the work and labor non stop with no hope of stopping or growing anything from their seeding work.

This was the vision of what heaven and hell stands for. One one side you have the awesome and wonderful site of flowers growing after being seeded and sown as we do when we commune with God and seek him. He is the man standing at the edge of our field watching over us and seeing us reap the seeds of our good labor. The other one is the Devil watching over the people he has deceived and stole their soul forever. They are reaping what they sowed with barren soil and seeds that will never bring anything beautiful to them. All they will do is reap what they sewed when they were alive and lived a life of sin rejecting Gods role in their daily life.

This was a clear and present vision of how our choice to live a life of sin or reject that sin and repent for it is the biggest choice we make. We choose to reap good or bad seeds in life. We will be held to account for those choices after we pass into the spirit realm. Choose wisely my friends and family. God calls us to reap good seeds and sew love, honor, respect, and other good things in life. The Devil deceives us into sewing sinful seeds of lust, abuse, violence, drugs and the other things that bring us down and make our ground barren and unworkable.

Galatians 6:7; Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Job 4:8; As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.


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