Spirit Chronicles: Grandmother Ghost In the Room and the Old Spirits

I dreamed I was at my grandmothers house walking down the short hallway that seemed so big when I was small child. As I walked by my grandmothers room I looked into the room and on her bed I saw a spirit sitting on the bed and I was a child so it scared me. I ran down the hallway to hide in the closet from it but it never came after me. So I found the strength and courage to go look again and I seen nothing so I walked into the room and sat down on the bed to see what was happening thinking maybe I had just been seeing things. I sat for a few minutes and nothing happened but I felt a presence in the room but it felt friendly to me. I can sense the difference between good and bad spirits and this one was calming and soothing.

I waited and nothing happened so I laid down to rest and then the covers moved and the spirit appeared again so I jumped up and walked back into the hallway. The apparition formed into a ball of energy about the size of a softball and followed me into the living room where I then saw five of my deceased family members sitting there smiling at me. The spirit ball came into the room and I felt the urge to touch it and so I put my hands out and it went into my palm and settled into it just floating. I felt a sudden rush of positive energy and seen images of when I was a child at my grandmothers house. I saw mini biscuits, watermelon and rice with gravy. These were things my grandmother cooked every Sunday after church for the family. She never wasted any biscuit doe and used the end pieces left over as little mini biscuits and they were so good with the gravy she made.

I looked over at the others in the room and they were all smiling at me and just sitting there. I did not recognize them but knew they were old spirits that passed generations ago that I am distant kin to on my moms side of the family. As a child in the dream I was amazed, confused and dazed at what was happening to me and wanted to so badly communicate with the others. I told them “hey look at this ball” and the older spirits stuck there hands out towards me and smiled again as if to acknowledge what I was saying. They stood up and walked into the other room and were gone. The ball of light turned its path leaving my grip and floated back into the bedroom and as it did it began to get bigger and bigger. The spirit settled into the bed and I saw the sheets move as if it were climbing into bed.

That is the side my grandmother slept on and she was making a visit to tell me she was watching over me. My wife and I have some things going on that we are concerned about and I have been in prayer about it and seeking Gods grace and guidance. I have seen my grandmother in several dreams and she always visits me in various forms other than her original look. As I write this I can see her sitting on the couch surrounded by family, laughing and loving her kids and grandkids. She left a legacy of family, tradition and strength for such a small woman. One that continues to be with us in spirit as a guide and protector until we take the final step of human life and join her one day.


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