Health: Life Hacks to Better Eating

My wife and I have been working really hard on our eating habits and the way we view food now. For most of our marriage of 28 years we have eat to enjoy food and were not really eating to live. These bad habits we built have now caught up with us and we are at the point of making huge changes in our habits. Eating is a habit and we either form healthy or unhealthy eating habits. We made some simple changes to how we view things and are not eating to live instead of eating to enjoy. Fact is you can eat to live and enjoy your food. With this said we have added many of these hacks into our daily plan for eating healthy and it has allowed us to both drop around 30 pounds already and still enjoy life, food and have the energy to function in a busy life. With this said below you will find some hacks for eating and food that can help you manage eating healthy and living your best life.

1- Add healthy fats to your diet. Adding healthy fats like Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Salmon help your body to burn fat that is stored. The fish are delicious and you can eat 5-7 ounces at a time and that is a lot of food.

2- Eat green veggies and lots of them. Green veggies are very nutritious and offer you the vitamens needed to maintain a healthy life style.

3- Prep your lunch and supper for the next day with the leftovers you have. I love to eat leftovers and recooking them with a few different seasonings and spices adds flavor and saves you lots of money when all those leftovers get tossed a week later from the fridge.

4- East five to six small meals a day about every 2:45. Eat every two hours and forty five minutes to fuel your body and keep to going in the fat burning process.

5- Replace three of your meals with shakes, soups and other low calorie nutritious options to keep you full and on track from binging on bad fatty foods.

6- Eat grilled chicken, lean pork chops, lean turkey and other foul that is tasty and can be prepared in many ways.

7- Take the butter out of the equation and replace it with olive oil and other more healthy options. Butter has lots of fat in it.

8- Drink 100 ounces of water a day to keep you full and hydrated. Getting dehydrated hurts your body function and glass of water can go a long ways in preventing you from eating snacks.

9- Get rid of the snacks in the house and do not buy anymore of them. If they are there you will eventually give in and eat them.

10- Eat healthy and do it with a partner or friends. Get someone to coach you in better eating and have them hold you accountable.

11- Weigh your food and never eat more than six ounces of any meat and 12 ounces of green veggies in one setting.

12- No sugar, no soda, no artificial sweetener or candy. Cut the cravings and get rid of the sugar.

Eating healthy and losing weight is not as hard as we often make it out to be. Make these small changes to eating habits slowly and watch the weight come off and your overall health get so much better.

Eat to live instead of living to eat!

Coach B

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