Family: My Beautiful Daughters Wedding

May be an image of Brooke Martin, standing and flower

The picture above is my beautiful baby girl that got married last night to a fine young man. She was glowing all night long and the wedding, venue, food, cake, cupcakes, dancing, family, friends and setting was special. My wife worked so hard to put it all together and after many months or planning, venue changes, and covid restrictions we finally pulled it off. When I was standing near the doors waiting to see Brooke for the first time I felt so nervous. I was thinking back to when I saw her born, when she graduated from Kindergarten, played her first tee ball game, went to middle school, grew up graduated from high school and college and now wham, I am standing there waiting to see her reveal the dress.

Nerves were popping, my feet couldn’t stay still and sweat beads were rolling down my forehead as I tried to settle myself for the big moment. We are very traditional family value wise so for months I had known her dress was in a closet in the house, but had fought the temptation to take a peak, just one little peak. It all paid off as she came through those barn doors and it hit me hard. There stood my beautiful soon to be 25 year old staring at me waiting for my approval. Just like she had done so many other times growing up looking at me with a smile waiting to see my reaction. Well, the tears flowing from my eyes answered that question as I was taken back by her beauty and the moment. She looked like my little angel I had tucked into bed so many times and watched grow up.

Brooke married a fine young man and he is a father in laws dream. I previously wrote about the check list I have always had for men dating my daughters and he fits the bill. But the biggest thing he does is love my daughter unconditionally. The way he looked at her when I stepped up the final step in that awesome barn told the story of a new union between two people that will be unbreakable. What more could a dad ask for than to see his daughter marry the man of her dreams.

Then came the hard part, the dad speech and I cracked so many times water could have poured from me everywhere if had been a jug. I had this awesome speech wrote to prepare for the night. That moment when I had the chance to Thank everyone, tell stories about my little girl and the plan went the other way. I was emotionally overcome with feelings of gladness and thankfulness. I put my phone down which had the speech written on it and decided it was better to come from the heart, tears and all. I choked my way through the brief speech and the fun began. We danced, laughed, partied and made the most of the opportunity until we had to shut things down and clean up.

My wife and I got home and in the bed about 2:00am or so and were wore slap out. Brooke and Jonathan went on the honeymoon and arrived at the motel around 4:00am. She called this morning to say hi and check on us and to tell us she loves us. We told her we were tired but good and to have the best time and enjoy. Dads love your daughters and cherish that time because they grow up fast. Teach them good values and allow them to learn life, make mistakes and great decisions because they will need them as an adult. Brooke made a great decision bringing Jonathan into the family. We gained alot of new family and friends last night through the merger of two families, now one.

I am proud of those two and excited for their future together as they have now made the commitment. Two became one last night and with hard work, patience, understanding, perseverance and lots of love they will have a fruitful and prosperous life with God and family backing them up the entire time. My advice was to read 1st Corinthians when times get tough. Read 1st Corinthians when times are great and live a blessed life with God in the forefront and the rest will take care if itself.

Love you Monkey butt and Boo Boo!

Coach B!


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