Spirit of Christmas: Give and Receive Abundantly

Christmas time is a season of giving and receiving. So often people get wrapped up in the spectacle of receiving gifts and trying to out gift the others as if it some popularity contest. My wife and I typically do not buy much if anything one another. We buy things we need as the year goes along, so we take our money and give it to others so they can be blessed. Kids love to get presents and week or so after getting them they are in the closet or on the floor broken to pieces. I was reading the Bible about giving and receiving and the spirit of giving.

One of the best Christmas we had as a family was many years ago when a young family we knew had a father who was really sick with cancer. He had been sent home to die and spend time with his wife and young kids. We decided that year to put everything we would spend on each other to help the family. We rallied the locals, churches and companies and ended up making sure that family had an awesome Christmas. I will never forget the call I got from a pastor of a local small church.

I did not know the man but he got my number and called me. His small church had heard what we were organizing and they wanted to assist. When he met me at their house on Christmas day the truck he was driving was loaded from head to toe with presents. The truck had bikes, toys, clothes, food and about anything a family could use. A few minutes later a fuel oil truck pulled into the driveway and the driver got out and told us he had a special delivery for the family.

The owner of the company had heard about it at the local store so he loaded up his truck and came by to fill up their fuel oil tank to the max. He gave the wife of my buddy his number and told her he would supply her fuel over the winter months until she got on her feet. Then another truck pulled in with even more toys and bikes. By the time it all happened we had enough toys, bikes, food and other items to take to mulitple families the next few days. That is the spirit of giving and what is expected of us from God and his word.

God gave the ultimate gift to us and showed us how love, understanding, empathy and compassion for others is the way to live. Luke 6:38, states that “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

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