Spirit Chronicles: Sing Alialujah, Angels, Heaven and Hell

I had a vision of five Angelic beings standing above me underneath a beautiful warm light up in the clouds. I then looked down towards the earth and I saw millions of people falling to their knees and putting their heads down in a praying position. Beams of light were coming from the heavenly light and shining down to each person that was bent over in prayer. The five Angels were singing a praise and worship song that was not even describable.

They were singing “Alialujah, Alialujah, Alialujah sing praises to God. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest God is King”. Then the millions began to sing along with the heavenly chorus and it echoed across the land, mountains, plains and oceans. I looked up and the five Angels spread their wings and began to fly to all points of the earth. One to the East, one to the West, one to the North and one to the South. The other stayed behind and stood tall to continue to sing the Godly chorus and lead the people.

I then saw great explosions, famines, plaugues and rising waters all over the world. Those that were on their knees worshipping with the Angels began to make the transition to spirit and started following the light beams up to the huge heavenly light. One by one the Biggest Angle welcomed them and allowed them to go into light. The other four Angels were busy on earth defending against Demons trying to take the saved. They were also making sure the plan of God was being put into place.

Those that did not fall to their knees or the unsaved were swept away in massive floods, died from plagues and paid for their sins on earth. These people moarned for their loved ones and ran for help but noone could save them. At the end the Angels flew back into formation, light left the world and darkness fell upon those that were left on Earth. Hell on earth was present and the sounds were terrible.

I looked up and the Angels began to close the huge warm light as the last few remaining souls entered into the light of God. The sky was abound with heavenly spirit, singing and the Alialujah chorus. This is one of any visions ans dreams I have had about the end of earth, heaven and hell. Read Gods word, beleive it and take this message to the world. God and the light will win over all sin and personal feelings. Live your life to be saved and not to be what you want to be.

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