Spirit Chronicles: Dark Waters, Locusts and Heaven

I was at home and I heard a greatly disturbing noise rolling through the woods beside the house.  We live on a hill in a rolling meadow and the bottom of the hill is a significant drop down from the house.  Almost like a small mountain of sorts and as I ran to the window to see what was happening outside I fell down.  I got up and my mom and dad were standing over me and looking at me with concern.  I stood up and ran to the window and looked out to see a huge body of water rolling across the property.  It was rushing hard and building up at a very fast rate.  As it got close to the house a huge wave formed and I saw thousands of people standing under the wave.  

I moved my family to the second story for safety and went out onto the roof to talk to the people and watch the water rising.  I yelled to them to get out from under the wave and they did not respond.  I yelled again and one of them looked at me and his eyes turned dark and I knew he was a demon.  I watched as thousands upon thousands of people walked out of the rising water and under the giant wave that was just holding pattern and had yet to fall down.  As the people piled up the water got higher and higher and the waves got bigger and bigger.  I yelled for them to get to higher ground or come into the house and they turned and laughed at me.

I then saw a tall man dressed in dark clothes with a hoodie on and he put his arms out and said come to me my children.  The masses continued to come to him and seek his attention.  All this as the wave got higher and higher.  I looked up and I saw a great light in the sky brighter than the sun.  It was warm and heavenly.  The water turned dark and then blood started to spread all throughout the flood.  Huge locusts began to fly around the people under the waves.  Then I saw people start to fight one another for position on the shore and under the waves as they clambered to get to the dark one.  I yelled to them again the dark one looked at me and smiled and his teeth were gnarly and broken.  He has fire in his eyes and it showed me he was the devil himself. 

He was calling the lost ones to him.  The giant bugs began to eat all the corn fields up on the hill as people were trying to gather it as they ran from the rising water.  Then the bugs began to eat the people under the waves also and one by one they became blood and darkness in the water.  I cried out to God and said Lord save them.  He said save yourself for they are lost my son.  I said “Jesus is this you” and he said “yes, I am the Lord”.  I immediately dropped down to my knees and prayed for saving and salvation.  As I rose the light gpot brighter and I saw millions of spirits rising to the heavens.  I looked down from the roof and the water wave dropped on the millions of lost ones and they were washed away or picked apart by the Locusts.  

I saw my family in the heavens and celebrated,  I saw the lost lose their spiritual battle and be pushed into the dark realm forever.  I saw the light people (saved ones) be rewarded as they rose to glory with God for a Heavenly award.  I then began to rise as they other did and as I went towards the light I looked back and the torment I saw of what was left on earth was terrible to view so I turned my head from it and looked at the light.  People I knew were screaming at me as the water took them.  I felt for them but could not stop my climb to the light. 

I cried out to the Lord “please save them”.  I was told “they knew not me so they are not of me”.  Be warned folks as we are looking at biblical happenings everyday.  The Lord will come back and those that choose wickedness, sin, flesh desires, greed, power, self loathing and the other sins God forbids will be part of the  darkness and rising flood.  Those that seek God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness will see a reward like no other.  I write this to warn and to acknowledge the vision God has given me this day.


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