Spirit Chronicles: God Is In Control

I laid down today to take a nap and as I was snoozing I dreamed about things being torn apart and blown up all around me. It was part of the dreams I have when I feel anixious or really frustrated with something or someone. I woke up and just laid there a few minutes thinking about the state of the world and how so many people are against God, Family and good old fashioned moral values. The very same values that built the greatest nation in the world.

How did we go from loving one another, getting married, working hard, going to church and being family oriented to what we have today. Today it is laziness, lack of responsibility on relationships, people not working and a general attitude of self instead of selflessness. As a country we have allowed sin to filter into everything we do and say. We have allowed the devil to convince people that sin is appropriate and ok. We now see things that are against nature as acceptable. We now see behavior that was once turned away from as ok.

With this being said I go back to the dreams I have and specifically the one about the things beind torn apart and destroyed. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and laid back down. As I did I asked in my head “what do we do with all this destruction and loss of morals” in America. I doozed off and an Angelic voice inside my head said this to me. “We build back what is broken a little at a time”. At this moment I knew that I was being reminded that God is always in control and will have us see his will and way before it all ends.

The devil may be having his day, but God is the beginning and the end. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the Holy Trinity three in one. He is in control and good will prevail over all the vile, filthy and brokeness of the world.


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