Angel Number 309- Faith, Family and Friends

Lastnight in my sleep I had a vision of the number 309. Angels give us numbers often to communicate messages and help us when we are seeking guidance. I prayed for guidance lastnight before going to bed and asked specifically a question about what I am to do with my ability or gift I have to see the past, present and future. I prayed and went to sleep and not long into it I saw the number 309. I also saw three signs or pictures that showed me what the 309 meaning was about.

The number 309 is a sign of manifestation and reaching your potential. It is a sign that you are protected and being shown the path to heaven and accomplishing your goals and dreams. It is also a sign that you must let go of any negative people or influences in your life that may be getting in the way of your goals. My goal as a spiritual advisor, medium, or call it what you want is to help people see the true order of good versus evil and the impact it is having on society and the world. My Angels are telling me that I have to beleive in myself and what I can do.

Faith- The first sign I saw after the 309 was a picture of a cross. This is a sign of faith and acknowledgement that God has a plan for me and has heard my prayers. He is leading me and will show me what he wants me to do with my gifts and life. Faith is not hard when you just let go of things and trust completely in a higher power, higher force and higher being. Faith comes in small and big ways and is the key to success in life. Without faith in ourselves, family, friends and others how can we achieve anything?

Family- I saw family that had moved on before me. They were not close to me but gathered off in the distance and standing there in a supportive circle. I knew they were there for me and will always be there for me. These are my parents, in-laws and other relatives that have passed over to the other side. They are our guardians and oversee us and our daily lives. They love and support us from the great realm of Heaven.

Friends- I saw several friends that have passed over to Heaven. They also had gathered in numbers and were there to show support and ackowledge that I am on the right path and that God is almighty and ever lasting. Their presence in our lives is also important as they too support and love us from the other side. When you miss a dear friend and talk to them know they hear you and are supportive of you.

I have hit a bit of a crossroads in my walk and journey using what God has given to me. I felt like I was going in the wrong direction with it and that the way I used it was wrong of sorts. I am still figuring out how I to do certain things, who to help and why to help them. With my Angels, Guardians and Gods guidance I will make that road of life and do the very best I can to have faith, family and friends.


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