Spirit Chronicles- The Dark Rooms of Sin

I went to sleep last night and instantly went into a state of sleep that put me into a realm I had never been in before. I knew my body was in the bed but I was transported somewhere else and was observing as a third party viewer watching what was happening to me. I was moving in and out of different rooms and each of them were dark with very little light. Each of these rooms had dark spirits in them of different sizes, ages and strengths. I was tested in each room by these spirits to see how much I could withstand.

In the first room I was sitting against the wall and could not get up. I saw spirit moving around the door where there was just a little bit of light. I can sense and feel them so I knew they were surrounding me. They tried to touch me and I pushed them away. I began to feel scared but soon realized that I could not show fear and was protected so I stood up and told them to go away. When I stood up the room lights came on I was transported to another room.

In the second room I was standing in the middle and could hear people walking around me and talking to me in weird tongue. It was familiar but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. A woman stepped up to me and tried to kiss me and I pushed her away. She growled at me and I told her to move away from me. When I denied her she moved away and the lights came on and I was transported to another room ion the building.

In the third room I saw all types of sin taking place. People pleasuring themselves, men with men, women with women and a man stepped towards me. Two others grabbed me and the third tried to do sexual things on me. I fought them off and told them they were vial and to go away from me. As soon as I told them to go away and denied them the sin stopped and the people faded away and the lights came on. I was sent to another room.

In this room I was sitting on my knees and in front of me was who I thought to be my mom. I couldn’t see very well because the light was dim so I said “momma”. My mom passed in 2017 and has been a regular part of my visions and dreams. The lady sitting in the chair pushed her head toward me and said, “I am your mom but not your real mom”. I suddenly realized the woman in the chair was my mother in law Roberta. She passed away a few years before my mom and I have seen her once before in dreams. She looked at me, smiled and said your mom is over there and the lights popped on and in a mirror I saw my mom sitting there waving and smiling at me. I was sent to another room once again and each time the lights were a little brighter and the darkness was less thick.

The final room was empty space with just me and some kind of machine. I didn’t know what it did so I started to hit the buttons on it. A movie popped on the wall and I saw many of the things from my life that I had done both good and bad. I woke up and laid in the bed trying to calm down and figure out what had just happened. After much thought I figured out that the darkness was what hell could be like if I were to choose sin over light. The light rooms were what Heaven would be like for me with family and a future in spirit. I knew I had left my body for a while and seriously asked my wife if I was alive.

I felt like I may have died for a few minutes in my sleep because I remember asking my mother in law if I was dead and she smiled at me. My wife grabbed my hand and said you are alive and we are here together. It made me think I may be in some dream state or realm where I was really gone and was just reliving my life day to day in that realm. This is the most graphic and amazing dream I have ever had. In fact, it was more than a dream. It was real and I was not in my body when this took place. Teleporting is a rare gift that people have and I am amazed that I may have the capability to do so.

Amazing things are to come and I look forward to seeking God’s will in my life and pushing into what is next for me as I progress as a medium. I love the light and do not want to be in the darkness anymore. I have been studying these things lately and praying for guidance as to what to do. This dark and light dream let me know which way I must seek and go as the darkness will take you over. I must cleanse myself of any darkness, bad thoughts, and regret in life and move into the light full time.

God has big plans for me and my family. I know he let me see the light and dark to show me that my continued battle against all things anti-Christ, anti-family and anti-good must be the main job I do with my writing, speaking and doing. The world is full of sinful practices that are being promoted daily. Sins against man, nature, children, the Bible and the world are tearing the people apart day by day. the darkness is having its time but the light will win and prevail over the dark. Turn away from the dark for I have seen what it reaps. Being different may feel right now, but once the final breathe is taken those ways will result in constant turmoil and a terrible after life.


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