Spirit Chronicles: Mom and Dad

I dreamed I was sitting on the couch at my Nannys house and my dad was sitting to my left. He was wearing his favorite grey sweatshirt and shorts. He had his bed slippers on and was rubbing his beard like he alwayd did. My mom was sitting on my right beside me and was holding my dog macy that went to dog heaven over a year ago.

Dad looked at me and smiled and stretched out his legs and told my mom “move your feet woman” something he would have said long ago in a loving way. He and my mom often bantered back and forth about things but it was out of love and silly. My wife and I do the same thing in a loving way. It is a form of love in a relationship that many marriages never reach.

Mom looked at me and smiled and moved her feet and dad out his foot out there and stretched out. He rubbed his beard and settled in and mom held Macy and smiled at us both. My dad appears to me often but typically will not speak. I have heard him speak to me a few times since he went to heaven. My mom guides me spiritually also and does not speak. She shows me things and protects me. Seeing both of them makes me wonder what is coming.

It signals protection mode and that evil or dark has some type of plan. I know they will be there with me protecting and waatching over me the whole time. Fighting the good ight for the light and Gods work. Love you mom and dad and miss you!

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