Woman Have Super Powers

Today I am writing about woman and their super powers.  I am writing this in honor of my wonderful talented and beautiful wife Cindy and daughters Taylor and Brooke.  Women are super at being assertive, empathetic, powerful, fabulous, beautiful, caring, loving, inspired, hard working, dedicated, disciplined, healing, forgiving, courageous, adaptable and so many other traits us men need in our lives.  I can only speak for myself when I say, I would be lost without my wife and daughters.  They are the rocks in my house and keep me from doing stupid guy stuff all the time.  

Women have super powers that are hard to explain at times.  These super powers come out at a moments notice and just amaze people.  I know my wife and daughters have them so I came up with a list of the different role model super women action figures to highlight just how great women can be and are in our lives.  Women are special, unique and should be treated as such.  I must admit that I am still learning about women and how to push the right buttons, say the right things and all that other stuff we get confused about guys.  So guys hang in there, try not to be so guy like and figure out the super powers the women in your life have.  

Wonder Woman- Strong, Mighty, and can get the truth out of you with her truth lasso.  Try to lie to a woman and you will be busted so fast.  They have the ability to get the truth out of you and figure things out.  They appear to be immortal and can live through the toughest of times and face down super villain’s in life.  

Cat Woman- Cunning and sly at times.  She is sneaky tough and can bring those claws out quickly when needed to defend herself or others.  She has nine lives and is a survivor.  She can bounce back so fast from injuries and falls.  Mess with a moms babies and the claws will come out and it is on. She is independent, strong willed and can appear out of nowhere suddenly.  

Black Widow- She is an overall badass butt kicker.  Smart, beautiful and a mastermind at manipulation when needed.  She takes charge when and is a leader at keeping the boys straight and on task.  She knows when to fight and when to back off but will handle her business with the best of them.  Much like my wife has to do with me!

Super Girl- Is an excellent person, she can balance the job and other family responsibilities.  She cares for her friends and gives up her time and energy for the betterment of society. She has super hearing and guys, we all know women have super hearing.  They can hear you say something under your breath from two rooms and 50 feet away.  She tries to stop bad people with kindness, but if tested can take you down fast.

Captain Marvel- Agile, fast, and a quick thinker that fights for justice and can sense danger way before it happens.  Moms are great at sensing danger, especially when it comes to their daughters or sons dating someone they don’t like.  

Jessica Jones- Excellent private eye that can get things done.  She does not play with people and is a hard charger.  She is results oriented and does not have time to play games with people.  She is a survivor of domestic abuse and is a spokesperson for domestic abuse and its plague in marriages and relationships.  She is an overcomer and a role model for those facing tough times.  

Harley Quinn- Tough, a bit on the wild side and will kick some butt real quick when it comes down to it.  She is a protector of the common person like a mom is and can also shift over to the bad side if needed.  Immune from toxins (like moms have to be when everyone in the family has the flu or is sick).  She tends to like bad boys (joker) and rocks those tats, crazy hair and makeup like no other.  I assume she was a good softball player, because she swings a mean bat.  

Elastic Girl- Flexible, adaptable, agile, smart and witty.  She can mold herself into many things, is extremely flexible and quick to solve problems.  She stands by her man Mr. Incredible and keeps him and his bumbling ways out of trouble lots of times.  She is a great mom that protects her kids, but allows them to grow and make mistakes.  

The Wasp- She is great with technology, super smart, and can punch your lights out real fast if you mess with her.  She is loyal, caring and beautiful.  A moral voice that can calm, sooth and lead people to better decisions and results. She can change sizes like a woman on a constant diet and is the daughter of a super smart dad and mom.  She loves her family and honors her parents legacy.  

Thunder- The ever so tough daughter of Black Lightning, she is a fierce fighter for what is right.  She will take a stand against tyranny and protect her family.  She is loyal and scarifies her body to protect her mom, dad and sister.  She is athletic and packs a strong punch so watch out guys.  She is a role model for taking a stand and being independent and strong in life.  Hard headed at times, she gets into trouble by not listening to her parents advice like she should.  

Bionic Woman- She may be my favorite of all time.  Some younger folks may not know who she is, but let me tell you she was not to be messed with.  She is super strong, a fighter that overcame major health issues and injuries.  She has super hearing, super strength and is gorgeous to top it off.  She worked hard, played hard and fought hard along side her love interest The Six Million Dollar man.  

Okoye-  A constant companion and protector of Black Panther.  Her super powers are intelligence, tactical thinking, strategy and toughness.  She is super loyal, kicks butt and never backs down when it comes to protecting her own.  She is different and that makes her unique and a super hero for women all over the world.  She rocks the uniform and that bald head look, proving that beauty is not only skin deep.

Black Canary- She is a great person, super sweet personality and mostly quiet. She has the ability to yell at people with super sonic levels. She can shatter your eardrums and you do not want to make her mad and feel her wrath.  Mess with her and you will feel her wrath and it is loud and constant.  

Storm- She is a queen, a fighter and not to be taken lightly.  She is a role model for diversity and young girls.  She rocks that X-Men suit nicely and can shoot use energy to mess you up.  She is a teacher, leader and protector of young people.  

Jean Grey- Smart, powerful and beautiful.  She is strong willed, sacrificial, super tough and very complex for guys to figure out (especially Wolverine).  Her mental powers are amazing and if tested she can do some pretty amazing stuff and overcome adversity with a fierce attitude.

She-Hulk- Is the ultimate expression of female power. She is a career minded super smart attorney that can turn into a hulking super queen that can mess you up fast.  She lives life to its fullest and has a great sense of humor (much like dead pool).  

Thank God for woman in our lives.  Gentleman lets honor, care for and treat our ladies as queens in our households.  Enjoy and share please!

Coach B


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