Spirit Chronicles: The Four Guards

The Four Guards

I dreamed I was at my nanny’s house and was surrounded by people I did not know.  They were talking to me randomly and I couldn’t see their mouths move but I could hear them.  There was a Crew of guys standing outside the door watching over the door.  Four of them and they were all selling these t-shirts that read “don’t fall for his trickery”.  The people in the room were all divided by race, color, creed and nationality.  Then I went into the other room and it was peaceful and all was well with no division.  The people were randomly mixed with all races, nationalities and creeds as one group.  They were checking everyone to see who was good and who was evil and divided them by room.  

The four guards were fighting off the evil influences of the Devil and his satanic messages and placing people where they belonged based on the decisions they had made.  God sent them as guardians of the good and they were Angels that sealed the fate of the lost or saved based on the decisions they made.  These guardians were fighting the good fight and sorting the souls of the dead based on God’s word and not the word of politicians, activists and large social media companies.  I was able to move between the two of them to see what was happening so I could send a message to the lost to stop being deceived, brainwashed and turn to God before it is too late.  The dream showed me where we are and where we need to go.  It showed me that choices are what determine our fate not as humans but in eternal life.  

If a person was divisive, angry, resentful or spoke of the pagenistic ways that have spread across the country and world they were placed in the first room.  That room was for the lost souls that were brainwashed into the devils views and the current thought process of constant racism, bigotry, divisiveness, rioting and lawlessness.  These people were representative of the things listed in the Bible that are against humanity and God’s favor.  The other room were the people that saw good in the world.  People that were inclusive and divisive.  People that were followers of God and not the sickness that has infected our country and world with the thought process that anything goes and is OK.  The message was clear that the choices people make will eventually seal their fate when they leave this world.  

Room one was the Devil’s den, a place where anything goes and brainwashed people that have fallen to the huge social media, large corporations and divisive groups led by suspect people on a power trip seeking not true justice or real change.  But money, greed, power and control over the minds of those.  These so-called leaders are using the media to spread their fake values that promote unGodly behaviors and thought processes.  The second room was those that resist the temptation and see the true light and the world as it really is.  A world that loves others, where people are good and seek God and his word.  It was a dream about good versus evil and how things will end for those based on these choices.


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