Spirit Chronicles: Shy Football Player

This week I was doing my podcast and live BigoTV show the Unexplained With Coachb and a lady came onto my stream and asked me to help her. She heard that I had helped a few people connect with loved ones so I told her I would try. I always preface things by stating spirit may not reveal to me like I ask and do not want to upset anyone if I get no signs or reads. I asked her what she needed and she typed in the chat that she wanted me to see if a friend had moved on and if he was at peace. I asked her for the gender of the person and for a name. She told me his name was Vae and he was a male friend of the family.

With this information my other friend on the chat that is very gifted immediately made contact with Vae. I in typical spirit fashion sensed him but only got signs through pictures. In my head I saw a guy wearing a hoodie over his head and he had his head down. I then saw a football card like kids collect. With this information I sat and waited for my friend advisor to read the person and give the details that I could not. After she got the information from my advisor friend I told the young lady that her friend had shown me a hoodie and I felt that he was very shy. She said he was a shy person, especially around females and he was 15 years old when he died. She told me he wore a hoodie all the time and that he played football.

That gave me confirmation that I was seeing her friend Vae through the images. Amazingly, my friend advisior was able to give much greater details about Vae that she got from him. I am learning to read people and connect to their spiritual family members, guardians and Angels. This was the second day on a row that something really amazing had happened like this. Read my other recent post “Her Name Was Penny” for more details about that. My gift is growing daily and I am beginning to see why God sent me back in September of 2020. I have work to do and will be guiided by the light, by spirit and by God.


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