Spirit Chronicles: Gigantic Waterfall

I dreamed that I was standing in front of a massive waterfall about 300 feet high. The water was crystal clear and wonderful looking. It came out of a towering granite rock mountain that stood about 10,000 feet high in the air. Behind it I saw spirits standing there looking out at the earth in front of the water. They were bright and warm in spirit and of the light. At the foot of the waterfall was a deep beautiful pool of water about the size of a football field with awesome rocks and crystal clear water. Swimming in that water was these light colored fish kind of like a Koye fish but these were something I had never seen.

People were running towards the waterfall and jumping into the pool of water and dissapearing. On occasion a new spirit would appear on the other side of the water because they made it across the pool and under the waterfall to join the light spirits. The others that didn’t make it just sank to the bottom and were gone. This waterfall was like a gate to heaven and hell. Those that knew the light and were saved swam to the other side and became part of that beautiful waterfall. Those that didn’t perished in the deep water and went down to hell at the bottom of the giant pool. The fish were there to clean up the wasted human lives.

I woke up and wrote down what I seen. I love waterfalls and could see how one would be part of my version of heaven. This was a warning to those that are lost and have taken the world over the truth and the light.


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