Americana: Saturday Night Skating

There are not many things that have remined the same since I grew up back in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Most of the classic Americana things I remember have slowly went away as the world had evolved and technology has changed. Sunday afternoon I attended my great nieces birthday party and as I sat there watching the kids skate it took me back to a simpler time when I was a preteen and teenager going to the skating center to see my friends and hang out. Not much has changed as the rental skates still look like the old ones from back in the day. Heck, they might be the old ones from back in the day.

On one side of the skating rink was a video game area with more modern games but to see some old games in there was cool. The only thing missing was a pinball machine. I loved playing pinball machines when I was a kid and do not know how many nickels and dimes I fed into those things to get them to make that classic noise. The skating center had a concession stand that was more modern but it still had soda, popcorn and candy. I saw a kid get a drink and it made me think about the soda bombs we use to make. We would pay for a large drink and go to the fountain machine and make a soda bomb.

A soda bomb was a combination of all types of sugary drinks. My favorite back then was a combination of cherry, regular soda, a splash of orange, a splash of peach and a splash of cheer wine. Cheer wine is a southern thing and if you have never had the pleasure may I suggest you order some online and have it shipped to you. It is a cherry soda that is out of this world good. The floor layout was the same about half the size of a football field and round. They had the numbers 1-6 labeled to play the numbers game where you stand under a number and they roll the giant dice until the last person is standing.

That was one of my favorite games growing up at the skating rink. Then they did the classic slow dance song skate where the love birds go out and skate holding hands to a classic love song from the 1970’s. I remember skating with girls at the rink and having such a crush on them growing up. A few minutes later they did the classic speed skating event where by age the kids line up and skate as fast as they can for one or two laps to see who the best skater is. I was never a fast skater, but always tried to win anyways.

Then the announcer “DJ” says reverse and everyone went the other way and all the disco lights came on and the kids were laughing, having a good time and just being kids. Our kids need more things like this that teach them social skills and get them out from behind a computer or video game. Skating rinks are as Americana as apple pie and drive in movies. Skating rinks are a fun way to spend the afternoon, host a birthday party and just get some relaxing time or one on one. Do not be afraid to play the classic game of how low can you go as the night comes to an end. I never was very good at going low and getting under that pole but it was funny trying.

If your a parent take you kids skating and show them Americana at its finest. If your an adult and looking for a good cheap but fun date them go skating with your significant other. Reunite the sparks for a few hours, feel like a kid again and experience Americana.


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