Spirit Chronicles: Shadow Men Behind the Trees

There was a property where large trees covered the yard and people claimed to see shadow figures behind the trees that would peak at them and hide quickly. The people would get freaked out and walk over to the tree and no one would be there. This went on for many years and then the property owners started hearing strange voices and growls coming from behind those same trees, The shadow would only peak at people after dark so you could barely see it. Then it would move to another tree and growl at the people from another spot in the yard.

Many investigators came and went trying to find the shadow figures of the woods and try to capture them on video. No one could ever get a picture but the people could see them peaking out behind the trees and hear them growl. Then one night a group of teenagers went to the wooded area to hang out and that is when things turned bad. The shadowy figures became mad at the kids mocking them and running in the woods climbing the trees. The shadow figures began to growl, scare and give chase to those kids for breaking the rules of the spiritual realm. The shadow figures were happy just showing themselves and watching from behind the trees,

Everywhere the kids would run they were surrounded by the shadow figures. No matter how fast or far they ran the shadow figures were there peaking out from behind the trees. The kids all five of them got scattered among the woods that night and three were later found one in a creek, one in a small cave and the other laying face down with his eyes wide open dead. Two of them made it back out and went home and to this day are scared to go into any woods near their house. No one knows what happened to those kids but the thought process is that they died of being scared to death in the woods ruled by the shadow figures behind the trees.

People claim they still see the shadow figures, hear growls and children running and screaming bloody murder. Be careful when dealing with the spiritual forces of nature because once you cross the line between reality and the spiritual realm there may be no coming back. Stay away from the shadow figures behind the trees!


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