Spirit Chronicles: The Truth Be Told

Last night I dreamed I was at an unfamiliar church and in the pews were people of all kinds of races, religions, creeds and backgrounds. As I entered I looked to my right and saw my mom whom passed away in 2017 sitting in the front pew and she smiled at me and looked forward towards the choir. All around my mom were people that had passed and moved on to heaven. They were all sitting quietly and waiting patiently for the preacher to step into the pulpit. On the left side I saw the living and they were scattered all about the pews sitting with people that looked like them. The living were talking, looking around and disruptive of the beautiful music that was playing. I was looking at the event from a third person and was observing things floating above everyone else. Then the music became really loud but it was soothing and calming to the soul and the dead stood up and started praising God.

The living kept talking, held their hands over their ears and complained about it being too loud, not what they liked or boring. A female walked in and sat down in a chair near the pulpit and the dead sat down with her. The living paid no attention to her and just kept talking to one another. A man walked in and sat down beside her and the dead stood up. The living continued to talk, chat, look at each other and be disrespectful. The choir walked in and started singing a beautiful song I have never heard but it felt familiar. It was like the music on the organ, soothing and calming to my soul. The female stood up and said “the time is coming when the truth be told”. She said the great reveal of deception, lies, and proof of it would soon even change the minds of most people including the lost. She sat down and the man stood up and his presence was powerful and he was glowing, robed in white and of middle eastern descent.

He began to tell the people in the church how lies, cheating, stealing, self loathing and deception were destroying what he had made. The dead were listening and celebrating his words. The living were talking, looking around an shaking their heads. Suddenly on the right side the congregation was mixed up, a combination of the living and the dead. Everyone was quiet, the music was playing and the man in the pulpit was preaching and the choir was singing. On the left were living that had not heard his word they were a small potion of the people in the church. They were confused, sad and upset that they were on the wrong side now and couldn’t move to the other side. They were stuck in limbo, left behind to fend for themselves and the anger, resentment and rage had set it with them.

Then a loud bell rang and the living that were ushered out into the hallway never to be seen again, The chosen were still in the church singing, praising and being one with the man in the pulpit. Before I awoke I slid into the seats of the chosen and began to sing also. Then I woke up, prayed and Thanked God for his message,. One of hope, love, grace and mercy. A message that has been told for thousands of years. For the day is coming when we must all make a choice and if we do not God will make it for us.

1st Timothy 4:1; Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.


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