Spirit Chronicles: Voices On A Tape Recorder

When I was growing up and in cub scouts we would have a pack meeting at church on Sunday afternoons. After the meeting we would go out in the church yard and property and throw footballs, play tag, chase each other around and on occasion go to the church cemetery and tell ghost stories. One weekend we did a retreat where we spent the night on Friday and Saturday on the church property doing scout stuff working on getting our badges, arrow of the light awards and just having fun. A few of us decided we would put our tent in the middle of the cemetery right beside this big old concrete plot that was from the mid 1800’s. Boys being boys instead of staying in our tents we decided to go scouting around to see if we could see any ghosts, goblins or hear any voices. Growing up in the church we were told by the older boys that had already come through the scouts that they heard voices and saw ghosts so we had that natural curiosity.

Back then all we had to record was a tape recorder so two of us brought them with us loaded with fresh batteries and tapes. We went to different spots on the graveyard and placed the recorders on some really old graves trying to catch a voice. We tried several times all over the place and had no luck. So in a last ditch effort three of us climbed up on that big old grave marker and put the recorders on record. We left them and came back later and to our surprise it sounded like someone was breathing into it and trying to say jumbled words. I was the only one that could hear it on the recording. The others told me I was crazy and laughed it off like boys would do. I played it for my dad and he told me it was the wind messing with my mind. I clearly heard a voice and breathing but no one else could so I didn’t understand it. 

So a few years later when I was older some friends and I went there to try it again. I was always told that graveyards were a place spirits moved around and would communicate with you. We set up some recorders and started to film using an old video recorder from back in the day. We got no hits until we put it on that big old grave marker and once again it sounded like breathing and a voice saying “hey”. You could clearly hear that voice say “hey” and it was the creepiest thing I had ever been part of other than when I saw a Hairy man at the age of 9 and heard it yell down on a creek bed. But once again no one but me heard the voice on the recording. If you want to read about the bigfoot encounter go check out “The Hairy Men and the Dog” on my blog. 

Anyways, that night at the age of 16 in that graveyard started a life lone obsession with ghosts, ghouls, goblins and spiritual related activity that to this day still amazes and entices me. I since have discovered it is more than a curiosity but something I am attune to and connected to the spirit realm. After doing some research and paying attention to the name on the old tombstone I realized that I was distant kin to the people in that marker. That to me explains why I heard it and no one else could. They were saying hey to me only. Believe it or not, that is my story and I am sticking to it!  


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